Publish 100 - Bugfixes! (discussion)

TanagerTanager Posts: 578
I have not found a thread yet, so please direct me if I missed it. Otherwise, I'd like to open the subject in the forum for TC1.

Lots of people have lots of questions, but this one is mine:
  • The Palomino Horse & Lasher can now be trained.
The Lasher I have now is trained to 3 slot, which is its cap. Is this changing in some way? 5 slot?

(I cannot copy my Lasher from Siege to test it).


  • VioletViolet Posts: 267
    edited May 2018
    Lashers on tc1 are still 1-3.  I think the issue was that they might have gotten caught in the patch that turned off training for dragons, making them unable to train.  However as i never used my lasher statue on Prodo servers I cannot confirm that theory.

    However a big dream of mine would be for them to be able to train to 5... so CC users can actually have a pretty unicorn that is viable~
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 578
    Hmm, it seems more logical for a discussion on TC1 publish changes to be, well, in the Test Center forum, but I'll head over to General anyway lol.

    While I am here, though, I would LOVE for the store-bought pets to be trainable to 5 slot. It is not like it would be game breaking or pay to win, since there are other mounts obtained via in-game efforts (with innate abilities that are more useful, like healing or a backpack) that can be trained to 5 slot. The store ones are just shinier!
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