Feudal Cloak of Elements: Gargoyles read!

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The issue mentioned in this thread is applicable to the gargoyle version of the "Feudal Cloak of Elements".  You cannot use a clothing bless deed on it, whereas you can on the human version.

However, you can work-around this:
  1. Only claim the human version of the cloak.
  2. Use a clothing bless deed on the human version of the cloak.
  3. Have a tailor alter the blessed human version for gargoyle usage.
  4. You'll end up with something like the below.
side note: at least the native gargoyle version should technically be labelled wing armor.


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    Thank you
  • CovfefeCovfefe Posts: 239
    Strange they are offering 2 versions if you can alter one, normally when they offer 2 versions its because one can't be altered.
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