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with new legacy around the corner i really want to be excited, but the fact of it is we have had bugs in game for years and either you guys lack the knowledge to fix them or you just refuse to, now im not saying that is true, but thats how it feels alot fo the times, but its hard to get excited for something new when what we have currently has been broken for so long. and here is my bug list that has been around for years.
1. pet life bars stop updating, dunno how many times my pet has died because of this.
2. dead mobs ghosting on my screen, countless times i have gone to attack something i thought was alive but was actually already dead.
3. constantly having to close and reopen my bag because the contents will just dissappear and show a blank bag, not game breaking but really annoying.
4.life bars will pop up to the upper corner of my screen and get stuck there, only way to fix it is to close UO and restart it.
5.UO will just close completely when you go into the abyss and start running around.
6, when trying to stock venders using classic bags alot of times the vender bag will get stuck on your cursor.
7. if you have a rune to your ship in your rune book you cant recall to a default setting it just fizzles.
theres more but those are my top 7.


  • dvviddvvid Posts: 821
    Yep… each of those still exist in game with EC. If those persist in NL, that will be unfortunate to say the least. 
  • gaygay Posts: 358
    What do you mean "around the corner"?

    The devs stated in the TC1 meet and greet earlier this month that there are certain things on their list to look into, but wont be doing so until after they're done with NL, so "not to expect them to be looked into this year". Meaning by their own choice of words, we will not be seeing NL until at least 2023, which is 10 months away.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 821
    They said NL goes live this year.  So I’d expect to see it this year. 
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    We need to celebrate UO Bug Festival....

    Two cars have bugs and both are not working as intended

    1) First car cannot move at all and just sits there. Its not going anywhere. (Zzzz)
    2) Second car can fly. (wow that is fun!)

    They will fix the second car urgently so that the policeman will pat them on the back.
    The first car will be left to rot, and maybe not fixed until 5 years later - either after the Dev give up fixing new NLS bugs or swarmed by them (again).
    But... there are fun games out there with flying cars - it might even be the next big hit. Games.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
    ESRB warning: Some Blood. LOTS of Alcohol. Some Violence. LOTS of Bugs
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    Are they really so optimistic that:

    a) They cannot even manage to close the bugs for One system
    b) Can they can manage bugs for TWO different systems - Production and Legacy?

    And its not as if their Effort for Two Systems is Two Times the Population. Its the division of the current population. I cannot see any Win-Win. 

    Its Lose-Lose.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
    ESRB warning: Some Blood. LOTS of Alcohol. Some Violence. LOTS of Bugs
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