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  • Cat134 said: EM This doesn't make sense. Friday is the 15th April or is it Monday 18th April. Please explain? Both Events are on Friday, it was planned for a Monday during March. Forum Post, Calendar and Ingame now all show the same corr…
  • @Drakelord  I´m sorry, i have no idea how that happened. @Sasha it was ment to be tomorrow, but due to unforseen events IRL , the dates have been adjusted to April.
  • Drakelord said: Oceania Event The event on Oceania today was by far the most disorganized event I have ever been to.  EM Reiver attempt at running this event was very disappointing, his Avatar instructs us to meet him in Skara Brae, we are to…
  • AlreadyDead said: EM Reiver said: Saturday 26th - 8PM AEST - Architecture 101Wednsday 30th - 8PM AEST - Meet & Greet + Champ Spawns As always, meet at the EM hall! Welcome Wow, what a crazy and amazing event that the Meet &…
  • Drakelord said: not listed https://uo.com/events/2021-05-22/ Thank you for letting me know! I had the exact same issue last month, don't know whats causing it.  I Updated it, should show soon today.
  • Thank you to all that attended , and thank you for the lessons of making the mobs too easy.. I greatly underestimated how strong you were, it wont be quite as easy next time! This cave will be expanded on during Part 2 of this event in march. There …
  • You don't have to worry about that - the events will continue to be held in the evening AEDT Saturday and Sunday. 8PM for you is 10AM for me, which is great for me too
  • Hello Cat134It is absolutely possible for me to hold events at 9PM AEDT, no issues at all. However, during the meet and greet aswell as discussions via mail and facebook - It seems that 8PM is the most wanted time for events - Almost noone suggested…
  • Glad to hear that - Tynk! Agenda for this M&G:- Me getting to know you guys and the Shard- Best days and time for events?- What's the DO & DON'T in terms of events in your opinion? If you are unable to make this M&G, please make your vo…