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  • Confirmed the bugs are still included with this release!  As a bug, small samples of Blackrock would sometimes drop in a character's pack instead of an artifact (similar to how Miners are randomly awarded with it in place of special Gems).
    in ToT!! Comment by Grim March 2020
  • This seems like a great idea and an easy to implement solution. Your graphics even look better imo.
  • Sounds good Mariah. Thanks for your consideration
  • I can understand that, but it probably shouldn't say you can "take part in Treasures of Tokuno Style Events" when you cannot participate in ToT itself. Maybe just change it to say EJ can participate on some/most global quest arcs.…
  • I know you guys have a small team and are overworked, but you've got to approach this differently somehow. The state of vendor search is horrendous. I'm not even going to pretend to understand the architecture you currently have but surely you have…
    in Vendor Search Comment by Grim March 2020
  • My man! That's great news. Thank you.
  • @Mariah custom, but even with default EC I have the same issue.
  • Tagging @Kyronix All of my maps appear to be bugged. I had about 12 lockers deeded, with over 4,000 lvl 6 maps in them... Let me know if there is any other information you need from me.
  • Lockpicking should not destroy items randomly on a fail with GM lockpicking - spawn a monster instead? (If you keep the item destruction - there is a bug where multiple items get destroyed on one pick attempt.)Level 8 maps out of level 7 chests. Spa…
  • I only play on Siege rarely, and I don't PvP at all.... but I voted yes. Siege is stagnant, and anything that *might* give it more life is worth a shot.Now if only we could figure out something to do with all this legendary loot sitting in people's …
  • I would buy someone a pizza if the JB would act like a container and allow the contents to be exported using the EC function so I can get my 2,000 rings into my sortable database. As it stands I need to take every jewel out of a JB in lots of 100 th…