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  • Acid_Rain said: Exactly the same sentiments I’ve had for years & have been vocal on it. One of the worst decisions UO has ever made, imho, was to fold under pressure during the PunkBuster controversy. With the sheer numbers complaining o…
  • Arnold7 said: Don’t PvP myself but saw what bots could do at last years Easter egg hunt.   The smarter ones could easily outperform any human player.  Amazed at how fast they were.  Don’t know if they were monitored or on their own.  They did…
  • Solstice deco stuff is set up in clearing outside wrong now on Atl.  Edit: Been a minute since i've ventured here so could be leftover? Idk.
    in Summer starting? Comment by Urge June 2
  • Cookie said:  I do fully support the Dev team and forum team, and have appreciated many of the improvements they did add to Classic Client - but I do not understand - how some guy from his basement can fix Classic, and they do not. We may not b…
  • Petra_Fyde said: On each of the shards I play used the same location, a little known spot in Fel. I never saw anyone else there. - even when I checked the same spot on Atlantic there was no one around. 1 snoop of a pack was enough for mo…
  • I liked it. Between thorns, the spawn and stealing i was able to get triple of everything i need.  Bots were still very rampant and they added an auto insure. I think taking insurance away from drops and having whatever location out of guard zone i…
  • We're lucky to even get what we get. Idk why people are still expecting more from this version. 
  • I was trying to help a returning player from Germany earlier and he couldn't buy ToL due to whatever this is. 
  • Garth_Grey said: Vendor search was the worst thing to ever happen to UO....imo. Only if you were a Luna circle house owner. The vast majority of those are RMT players anyways. 
    in Vendor search? Comment by Urge May 29
  • username said: https://forum.uo.com/discussion/12397/auction-safe-search-showing-prices I missed this but yes totally agree to move it to a feature.
    in Vendor search? Comment by Urge May 28
  • Idk if exodus was intended or not but that came around the time of the mass tamer nerfs of old.  Pvp nerf came at a time when rune beetles would teleport into houses and dragons could fly into private houses.  I really wish they'd fix these gd for…
  • Excuses si des mots sont faux car j'utilise un traducteur. Vous pourrez peut-être trouver des joueurs français sur Drachenfels puisqu'il peut s'agir du fragment le plus proche.  Bonne chance à toi mon ami.
  • Pawain said: Disagree, remove useless skills. We do not need more skills. AGREED. If you guys want the OL experience just go play that. 
  • Hera_Siege said: So we have the portable forge with the fire beetle.  What about a pet termite that acts like a pack animal and then you feed it logs and it converts and stores them as boards?  Board are heavier than ingots and this could be …
  • Larisa said: Vendor search is working again Meanwhile, i get the seesaw. Either Vs works and forums are down or vice versa.
  • Lord_Frodo said: They look at the data which is recorded no matter who you are.  I guess you think GMs are so power that they can erase their data in the system.  Seriously how do you think they do system back ups every day.  A video, LOL, th…
    in Multi boxing ?? Comment by Urge April 18
  • keven2002 said: Nope still isn't working for me on Chrome. Chrome. I have to log in, go to inbox then back to out to stay logged in. Welcome to UO
  • Lord_Frodo said: Report the GM and his/her/they /them actions to the higher ups.  As described this sounds like an abuse of power. Who you really think they're going to believe? I don't think the gm is required to provide video proof of t…
    in Multi boxing ?? Comment by Urge April 17
  • Not legally in guard zone. Most carry a stack of thorns weighing over the limit for a valid steal or it's instant guard wack. 
  • gay said: They're trying to copy the "season" hype most games do now. Except UO isn't setup to accommodate that with the exception that chr transfers exist. And it's players, like toddlers to their favorite rattles, are largely are not equippe…
    in New Legacy Comment by Urge April 15
  • Lord_Frodo said: To my understanding the Char is given a choice to Xfer to UO Prodo Shards or stay on NL and if you stay everything but the Char is wiped, not sure about the equipment/bank stays or not. I took it as if you didn't xfer it w…
    in New Legacy Comment by Urge April 15
  • JohnKnighthawke said: Well, I just don't know. I have to think that many players out there, likely even most of us, are similar to me in that they want to play the same characters over a long period of time. That's kind of the opposite of NL…
    in New Legacy Comment by Urge April 15
  • JackFlashUk said: and I am so glad the devs don't listen to anything you say because you are capable of further ruining this game for others Most cases i'd agree but i was fully behind his crusade to upgrade imbuing and stealing. 
  • Powerscrolls (or anything for that matter) would make zero sense this late in the game. 
  • Counterfeit tags aren't the same as original. Same stats but different value to players.  Shard bound sucks. Period. For some of these shards the cross farmers are the only action they ever see. 
  • Any action in game can and will be scripted with ease. We have professional programmer players that can work circles around the dev team.  I haven't stolen near the eggs I did last year so to answer your question, it doesn't look like they're as af…
  • And make eggs uninsurable and in locations not in a guard zone or something for a thief to do!
  • Today i learned thorns produce regs when planted on any dirt road too. 
  • Maybe a message like the taming whisper mastery does but it doesn't justify a buff bar cooldown by any means. 
  • Tested: You can steal green thorns. Only tried a stack of 10 and was able to pick a few off.