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  •      When I returned now coming on 6 years this account, it was because I heard you could play free.  I relearned the game using EC and no extra expansions. To this day, I still cannot get the stink of the Jhelom bullpens off my boots, but I can say…
  • Sure would not make sense to start a thread if it did not go down. Tt was over 140 and was down to 139.8 barding difficulty.  I had never seen before myself, who knows maybe it is a new bug. But it is happening
  • I dont mind  that, however I do see far too many who treat their Lamborghini pets like Demolition Derby pets and not doing the proper maintenance. I would like the ability of a tamer to be able to do training of others pets without having to lose bo…
  • Nay, believe I also commented on your thread on being a new returnee
  • My personal suggestion to all new returnees is to create a new char and use Enhanced Client.  That way you relearn the game and EC without being overwhelmed. New Haven is a good place to start and there are quests getting you 500 gold each which bas…
  • That is a magical ability. The cost would be 500 points, the easy way to check is to open animal training/magical abilities and see what choices you have available. You should note that changing from magery will also affect eval intelligence. it wil…
  • You can use another magical ability if you have the training points available. There may be exceptions to this, but generally speaking.