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  • IV.  The Story of Batlin – Part the Second My travels took me to Trinsic, and there I encountered a group of men at arms with whom I became most impressed.  Many fighters I have known were men of valorous heart on the battle field, but off it…
  • Here are the autobiographical sections (II through VI) of Batlin's Book of Fellowship. This is also available in the white book at the Blue Boar tavern in Britain. II.  The Story of Batlin – Part the First There is much that I have set out to tell…
  • Here are the questions Commander Kincade would like investigated. These are also contained in the blue book at the Blue Boar tavern in Britain. 1. Batlin writes that he was born in Yew. What records do the Yew monks have of Batlin? 2. Batlin write…
  • This event is active now and will be available until Monday, January 13th, at 11:59 p.m. You can begin it at any time by using the above information from Minister Grey. Blank books are available at the provisioner's shop. You can complete the quest…