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  • The Governor of the city may also bestow a title but those are quite limited but still fun to have.
  • Clym will try hard to get to this Governor's Meeting but it is on the same day that my wife goes to hospital again.  I will try and squeeze it in since the meeting is at 7AM in the morning for me.
  • Have you ever crafted the 64 spells to put in a book?  Whatever they ask for them is probably too much for the purchaser and way too little for the seller.  It's a genuine pain and HORRIBLY time consuming.
  • Tim said: If you are just trying to raise a pet to the next level I would suggest dread pirates. They do almost no damage to you or your pet and only one could take you from 0 to 100%. ( A bug that should be fixed) Just find someone goin…
  • Still down, geez, I have no idea, I am unable to attend the events now because our only weekly guildhunt is at the exact same time.  And near impossible for Clym to make the governors meetings due to their very early in the morning time for him.   H…
  • Where are these "oracles" and what do they do?  --- besides crashing our shard that is
  • Down again, I logged in, started to make some gate travel scrolls and kapoof, gone
  • Aragorn said: Thanks all. Parnoc, I've actually done only around 50 or so order since I've passed 105 and given I can buy fishes from New Magincia I don't really need to fish all the fishes by myself, and the fact that due to covid everyone…
  • I've put all of my grass tiles in that box at one time or another and never lost a one, just sayin'
    in Cocoa Butter Comment by Parnoc August 15
  • Congratulations!!!   Wow, you did that fast, you musta been working day and night on those orders!!!!  Or the RNG likes you, one of the two or both, heh!!
  • Sorry, just got home yesterday and it seems my records of those early orders are still in the US so I don't have access to them, but yeah, to be safe and sure, make sure you get above 105.  Not hard to get dungeon fish, just ask your fisherfriends a…
  • From Lord Clym - Sorry I will miss this meeting also, we are traveling tomorrow at the meeting time.
  • From Aragorn - Parnoc, are you saying it's indeed possible to get a 120 PS at 105 skill?  As I said above "about" 105 skill.  I think I was probably about 106 or 107 but I really am not sure.  I keep or kept very good records but I didn't list my sk…
  • My experience is that you get one 120 PS in about 100-150 trade orders.  I got my first one when I was only about 105.  I would say I have done a LOT of orders though. I've sort of given fishing up since there are no new rewards and the ones we ar…
  • For sure Seth, it takes room because you have to be quite a bit back from the big screens.  I have a 40 Inch on my desktop and it sits on a table behind my desk.  I'm away from home now so when I go home this 32" will be my laptop monitor.  I'm luck…
  • My screenshot is from an old NVIDIA 960 and it's not even a computer monitor, it's a 32" TV that cost new about $100.
  • This is today with screen fully enlarged in EC.  I'm perfectly happy with it, I play the game - not look at it for a high res eyecatcher and I see nothing wrong with this.
  • Thanks Drakelord, I'll be at this next one providing my wife's medical treatment will allow.
  • I didn't know about this meeting either or Clym would have been there, where was it published?
  • Same for me in EC - spasmodic and not often but it seems to always happen when I'm in a hurry.
    in Rune book bug? Comment by Parnoc July 18
  • I totally agree Maximus and I bet a lot of us do -- we play this game -or at least a lot of us do - to escape real life and seeing this is only reminding us of the "other world".
    in Thoughts? Comment by Parnoc July 18
  • I have lost interest in fishing, did a few (over 2000) quests, got most of what I wanted, loved it while I was doing it but after a while it's a drag to turn in one of the rare giant orders and get a crappy hook reward.  I seem to have horrible luck…
  • Seth said: Marge said: Oh I forgot - make it easier to drop stuff in the hold!!! There is a "center" spot at the hold for the Orc ship, just drop stuff there an it goes into the hold. If you drop them around the "center", then it…
  • Seth said: Normal MIBs are not hard to get, its the white ancient SOS that is very difficult. I believe the rate is 1 Ancient to 25 normals.
  • Pinco's version?
  • Are you leaving your cursor on top of the health bar?  If so, they won't update for me either.
  • The Brit ship WAS slow when it first came out but they changed that sometime back.  I even didn't believe them right after they said it changed so i got one of each of the ships, each on different account and raced them side by side and sure enough,…
  • McDougle said: they are big and slow you can place two single tile house add on's ! i do wish they did as much or more damage than the orc ship but over all a lot of fun especially for guild events etc ALL ships sail at the same speed, th…