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  • I believe there is a 6-month golden tree in Tibet just booked a flight I will harvest what I can no need to tk I should be back in early 2026 so still quicker than the game devs))
  • ah once again we can not buy codes in the UK yesterday the 1-month codes were still available now the same 500 error as everyone else, I can only put this down to the worldwide market where codes are no longer being planted in the fields and those t…
  • Mariah said: I can't, it's an issue that needs querying with EA. According to the image posted earlier by Yoshi, 6 months gametime in UK is £47.99Vat on that amount is not £8:…
  • Mariah said: Some players have reported successfully buying 3 month game time codes or 1 month subscription. This was shown to me by a French player. I have removed his account name. Mariah can you look into why when you try to buy thi…
  • on a side note when you go into subscriptions and subscribe for a 6-month code it says 44 pounds inclusive of VAT but when you go to pays its adding an extra fee in the UK if it says the price inclusive of vat so it is not legal to add another 8 pou…
  • I spoke to EA online help they finally admitted the problem is at their end and say they are working on it the more people complain to EA the more it will get priority the online chat said so i tried if others can also do this perhaps we as the play…
  • I despair this situation has been going on now for some time and the last statement we get on I think 3 feb is we are looking into this is a major problem you should be on to EA every day to sort this out where is the update, is there going to be on…