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  • due to lack of participation, The ship races are canceled till further Notice. we are planning another for later in the year, more news to come on it.  
  • is there anything i need to help with or donate? just let me know.
  • Vesper Vessel Race has been canceled. we apologize for this, but to lack of registration it had to be done... the next Race is New Magencia Nautical Race Apr 22nd
  • GOF has donated to the winner of the race a Enchantress Cameo Repond Slayer. STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10%, SSI 5%, DI 20%, Pirate Council has donated a Full Sorcerers Armor Replica set with Female/male setup, A person that is not to be named has donated 5 …
  • Does the ship races i hold, count for community? not to mention the fey and archlich i was a Rez and heal station lol
  • The Votes are in and Minoc, and Minoc will be staying with the current Buff of +2 to mana regen!! thanks everyone for voting.
  • WE are Taking registrations for the Britain Barnacle Ship Race, 200k per Reg. Shadow pirates have donated a full Sorcerer Armor Replica set in female and male, and Gargoyle Ship has also been donated by one who does not wish to be mentioned. these w…
  • awesome i was about to ask about that lol
  • The Pirate council has no knowledge, nor were these sanctioned raids by the council. This must be work of a rogue element outside the council. We will look further into this as well.
  • We are gearing up for this years Races, we hope to make it interesting for ALL!!! 
  • Thanks Elizabella, look forward to seeing ya there
  • Awesome and happy new year to yall as well
  • 1st-3rd will have Prize packages including whetstone, Large Elegant Aquarium, Hooks Chest, 120 Fishing Scroll, 2 drops from current event in each package, Gold, and Trophies!!!
  • we are doing a GL GREAT RACE chat channel during race so we also gave updates to all those that joined the channel a play by play as you would, som encountered baddies on the water from nets that were thrown out by some competitors as well as un-nam…
  • Winner of the Trinsic Tailwinds Race 1st = Fin Tok class ship 2nd = Beth Brit class ship 3rd = Aridas Tok class ship Congrats to all the winners and a Trophy for Top Donatation was also presented to Galadriel for her contribution of a 105 and 110 F…
  • Trinsic Tailwinds Race registration stops Thursday the Sept 15th.. Pirate Council has donated Triton to the winner of the race Capt Fin has Donated 5 mill to winner of the race Slim Shady has donated a 24th Anniv Token for 2nd Place of Race Calliope…