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  • McDougle said: And how will you "cap" parry for pvp only? And why was ninjutsu nerfed in the ground rather than simply capping the regen rates in pvp.... What do you mean Ninjitus Nerfed into the ground? Ninjitsu still really good.  The sa…
  • McDougle said: Thorakh said: well keep the parry bushido for pve but just have like a Bushido debuff that reduces parry for pvp It doesn't work that way.... Sure it does...There is no SDI Cap in PVE, There are SDI Caps in PVP. 
  • Again, its really the bokuto. Every other weapon requires more than 60 tactics to be effective. a Hatchet is a strong weapon but it don't paralyze you. the bokuto just can hit for 55 damage with 60 tactics.. so the true damage should match the weapo…
  • gay said: tldr: guy who uses literally every single consumable in game needs better consumables because confidence, hpr, and healing potions are fine for everyone else except him. lets not even bring up playing with four mystic mages who spec…
  • The Issue with the bokuto is not the base damage, On a cursed Target at 60 tactics you hit base damage for 10-14 Then 0-15 hit spell damage. Then the nerve strike is between 15-25 damage. I do not know how much damage the splinter does but when that…
  • An Insight on how I think it will be done, I think they said it would be a VvV system, which is consensual pvp. that being said, I believe that high-end drops/resources will come from vvv dedicated zones/dungeons.  I also believe that skill gain wil…