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  • Hey everyone, took longer than I hoped for this latest round of feature updates, here's what's been added: I added advice on how to obtain each reward.  If you click a profession's rewards button, you can now click on a reward and you'll be able to …
  • For the first phase of rewards, I've added a 'Rewards' button under each profession's listing of BODs.  You can now click the Rewards button to expand this section with the available rewards for that profession, complete with icons and number of poi…
  • Hi again, just wanted to give everyone a quick update - I just uploaded the changes necessary for reporting points so now every BOD in your inventory will report how many points it's worth.  I don't have the rewards listed yet, that's next, but figu…
  • @Balin_Wingnut Thanks for the info on the bribing system.  I'll have to experiment with some of my BODs to get a better sense of the system and then think about how I might be able to implement some of your ideas.
  • @Shandara HUGE thanks to Shandara who has been uploading a large number of BODS, including many that I do not currently have, allowing me to fix or add the names of the items that I'm missing. @Riner Glad you find the website useful!  I'm already…
  • I unfortunately don't have an extensive BOD collection for the more recent professions as I've only come back to the game in the past year and still expanding my collection.  This makes it difficult to test examples of every possible BOD. @Shandara…
  • Thanks popps!  I have not yet added a measure of which BODs would be considered worthwhile as standalone.  I do plan on adding how many points each BOD is worth and it would not be hard to put together the list of possible rewards with the points re…