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  • We usually go in a group of say 5. There are a couple tamers and then like 3 archers. Make sure you take a high resist poison pet. There is a spot in there that if you stand on that one area the poison she throws misses you.
  • Chessy too.
  • I got one from Lenmir Anfinmotas and a couple from Ver Lor Reg
  • keven2002 said: Wow... really? Is this that hard to understand? This is not rocket science @ popps. If you currently have over 300k, you will not be able to turn in any further trade cargo until you go under the 300k mark. If you have 600k (…
  • Just a heads up, I went to this site of "Johns" and looked very similar to the avatar one so I thought maybe they just renamed themselves. I noticed the prices used comma's and like they sometimes do in other countries. I just wanted to see if I cou…
  • None of these events have holiday themed items so not sure why they are claiming to have them baked in. I love having to work over and over for my christmas gifts.(said sarcastically)
  • I did the champ spawn the very first time it became live on Chessy. During the ensuing chaos ie fighting the spawn prior to boss a blue mysterious cube dropped in my bag. I finished the boss and also received the talisman. The cube makes an eery lau…
  • I get it being the new and shiny thing, but I sincerely hope not all resources, time or effort just goes to this and would love to see things that need fixing on current shards to be fixed or expanded upon. I wonder though how simplifying things wil…