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  • “Thanks, sorry i am visually impaired. Tested, that ironwood bow - seems to work with slayer even when velocity procs, perhaps this is limited to the halawa's hunting bow I also tested another random bow, slayer seems to still work when velocity pro…
  • Gwen said: Looks like they fixed it. Was using Ironwood bow to farm arrows in serpentine passage. No damage was reduced with velocity.  Had no time to go to Eodon to try Halawa. You can try yourself.  "The ironwood bow does not naturally have v…
  • "tested today, still broken for the Halawa's Hunting bow"
  • “An alternative solution that may satisfy both parties, is for character log out to return the user to the character selection menu, (although this function may get abused by pet owners) and for the ‘quit game’ option to return the user to the login…
  • “Do you also require the co-ordinates of my book of lore?”
  • “On second review, it would be better for both spellweaving and mysticism to perform the timer check prior to casting, for both summon fey/fiend and summon reaper and moreover for the spell ATTUNEMENT, as the bushido spell evasion performs a timer c…
  • “This issue has already been reported August 2020 part B: https://forum.uo.com/discussion/7041/guild-roster-incorrectly-shows-players-that-were-online-at-server-down-as-online “
  • "Post regarding the mark of travesty here have been posted on the incorrect thread, please refer to this thread: https://forum.uo.com/discussion/8841/you-can-turn-mark-of-travesty-into-gargoyle-item-with-mapmaker-glasses#latest “
  • “” Good afternoon everyone, We are aware of the issue related to altered/transmogrified Mark of Travesty masks. If you have altered one of the masks and the skills have changed from the original skills on the mask, please contact Mesanna at Mesanna@…
  • "if what you say is true (would have to see the transcripts), it sounds like that particular GM may be ill-informed and further training may be required"
  • “This issue has already been reported https://forum.uo.com/discussion/1414/lajatang-weapon-specials-do-not-work-with-ninjitsu/p1 please allow at least 4 years (not 3) between bug report and fix before reposting”
  • "my experience so far (on atlantic), i turn up and kill some spawn for around 30 seconds and receive 1 page, i don't seem to receive another page if i remain at the spawn, so i simply leave and return the following day for 30 seconds,  I don't thin…
  • Yoshi said: "(Now that character copy is back up, tested Mask of khal ankur cannot be transmogrified) however there are other high end artifacts that normally are not useable by a gargoyle that now are with the transmog hat:" "I am a litt…
  • Yoshi said: "I also have a problem with my book of lore, I used the old 'of the three' book and my page 0 has gone (back arrow does nothing), this is the first page:" "I paged a GM to assist, and immediately received the canned response…
  • "no amount of external damage releases you from this new stun, only time"
  • "okay tis working on win10, will upgrade my main machine"
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • "i have EC also, I don't like it"
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • "i deleted assist from my firewall exceptions, and went to re-add it, if something wants to connect to the internet it normally pops up, now nothing is popping up requesting to even connect I am running win 7, will try on a win10 machine"
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • "Are we now allowed to use another macro program (that works)?"
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • "mine got disabled, Needless to say i checked my emails and received no instructions of how to continue to play Ultima Online, Tried a couple of old registry hacks, still not functioning "
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • “(This does effect classic client also)”
  • “I will run out of attempts to connect today and it will disable my uoassist so render the game unplayable for me. My guild mates are encouraging me to instead use a non approved client where uoassist is not required. Last time this happened i had t…
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 31
  • “Yes me, I just presumed the update server is down and have been clicking okay through all the error messages. I’ll worry about it when it stops working”
    in UOA Comment by Yoshi May 30
  • “It is real,  you’re stunned for the length of time a wrestle stun paralyses you for however no amount of external damage will release you, unfortunately all the footage available is O***n client as that is the most common used client in fel so can…
  • “Please make the hand in artifacts cursed this time so we can actually loot them from blues rather than farm them ourselves, I am too old for that nonsense”
  • “This could be a feature, in classic client when you’re hit by multiple effects in pvp, the noise for death strike often doesn’t get played (you have to rely on the debuff icon) whereas I think it would be better to hear all sounds, cacophonous or n…
  • “Will a Gamemaster be able to restore my page 0 from my ‘of the three’ book of lore?”
  • “Are you sure it’s not your vet reward ankh that is giving you this message? Possibly located around that position on an upper floor .There is a timer on that. “
  • “If there was a cap on lower reagent cost of 99%, people would probably carry reagents and those could be stolen to have some effect”
  • “active accounts that have not expressed any opinion/interest in the subject (this one included), by default would sit on the side of removing the bank decorations. Since she has declared her intentions to do so.”