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  • so...... you want a Bank Account? you want to keep all your goodies? you want to keep all your values? you want the bank to keep all your values safe and secure BUT you dont want to pay the Bank Fee's?  and you call yourself a Victim? wow.
  • @JackFlashUk  at least you said the true for the 1st time: That's me on the subject, no point carrying on, my point is here, whether its respected on not by the Dev team Your subject, Your opinion Only, there is 99.99% other people that d…
  • steven said: there's a group of 3 people Atlantic realtor,scribbles and Joxer the mighty. have a new home placement script that wins 100% of the plots then try to place. u need to make changes, a stone for random winners or some thing. any th…
  • Mariah said:Judging by the last 3 posts this thread has run its course, if all useful input has been exhausted I will lock it to prevent further trolling. That decision will be based on the next post. @Mariah
  • Hahaha This people are smoking the wrong thing. No facts, not credible information. names removed by Mariah Anyone missed the fact that the creator said: we do idocs on a global scale? Meaning they doing idocs on 20+ shards, everyday, all day long? …