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  • My 10 favorite artifacts are items that cannot be stolen and are blessed, and have little to no "use" and yes, you read that right. Like those with +10 Alchemy, +10 Cooking, or maybe even +10 Blacksmithy or Tailoring. I would love to see a little …
  • I remember when people dumped very valuable stuff onto "Inu the Crone" or similar NPCs back in 2006/08... what fun that was! And what an uproar! How do you even think of dumping stuff onto NPCs, well... we'll never know. (I was always too poor to du…
  • Drago said:I shouldn't have to wait a month to use a tmap because of bad design.  Sounds trivial and while I know there are bigger fish to fry (bugs),  at the very least, a GM should reset map location for you. Really? Just because you don'…
  • Theo said: To add to the list... 5 - Why do pets spawn with a space in their names like 'a cu sidhe' but then you can't rename them with a space??  Why the limitation?  If I don't keep it a 3 name pet like 'A White Dog' you can never make it…
    in Pet Oddities Comment by Medea May 2021
  • So... what is your issue? Play? Don't play?Play your stupid tablet games anyone plays? (like Fo****te, the game as stupid as anyone has nowadays?) Sure. Pay or don't pay. It is really getting on my nerves. It is your own decisions to play or not …
  • And just because its an issue on ONE SHARD, it is an issue... on all shards?Really? I have never had an issue on any shard EXCEPT on ATL. So... what? You can have any wine anytime, but this is getting ridiculous.
  • When I customized my house while the Pirate Treasure Chest was open, this happend: The "pretty part" of the treasure jumped under the house sign, but it was beamed back to the chest after I closed/opened it again.