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  • i just want to say thank you for penalizing a UO player for having a real life...when you scheduled the previous meeting on mother's day and then kicked me from the trinsic gov position you reminded me that real life is more important than any game …
  • just want to point out a flaw in the logic of #7 your backpack can only hold 125 items so if you start upping the number of items needed beyond 5 items each needing 20 pieces you run out of backpack room really fast
  • and a year has passed since i won the pet battle on my birthday and still no item placed in the reward hall
  • Sonoma Brianna of Peoples Army of Sonoma (PAS)
  • it is 18 months later and still no response still no reward plaques still being told to be patient that @Mesanna  @Mesanna1  is a busy person and the em promises it will be done but im now convinced that nothing will ev…
  • beacons are still firing after the crews are dead happened both in tok and east of jhelom 3 different times this morning
  • oh and please do NOT tell me to just talk to my em because every single time i have brought this up to the em in question the response is always we are waiting on Mesanna to place the items
  • i noticed with the repair deed station you can target a bag of repair deeds to add them to the station is it possible to implement something like that for the tool stations to where we can add the tools by clicking the bag they are in?
  • is there a way to allow us to turn in a completed trade mission while krumpus is spawned as opposed to having to drop/cancel the mission i understand not being able to get a new order but at least allow us to complete the one in our backpacks
  • im even okay if it worked like the power scroll book and had to be locked down to use
  • thank you the scavenger hunt was very fun still trying to figure out where the other 4 were seeing as how i missed the luna one for
  • Mervyn said: I was with a friend who was lockpicking, but there were other blues in the dungeon doing the same, I had to kill the other lockpickers or else they could take the bounty from the chests, this is what the thread is about. This was…
  • between not being able to get the quest on my home shard and not having a functioning character on any other shards i'm about ready to call it done
  • it is not working on sonoma still so im trying to figure it out on origins and before you ask i ave plenty of room for quests the guy just doesnt have anything for me
  • can we assume that other shards will be able to start the gumshoe quest sometime today?
  • so need an alpha numeric code to open the trap door super confused on where to go from here on finding out what said code would be...looks like a nice little let's sit back and wait for someone smarter faster prettier with more gold and skill solve…
  • this is a very good question
  • Uriah_Heep said: Maximus_Neximus said: Leaving the high costs is a slap in the face to everyone who took the time to design, vote, and have asked for something like this for years. A whole lot of goodwill and faith has been lost today.…
  • okay so i am very sad to see a dream turned into a nightmare but i slept on it before commenting and i realized what has happened... and you will to once you think about it the "bosses" needed a way to make their job easier to find out who is buyin…