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  • Just wanted to offer a quick thank you to you both. Good thread btw... really distills the effort/reward conversation and helps with templating in general. 
  • Catching this a bit late, but feel free to connect with the Elysium clan on Baja for any/all crafting needs. Our Keep has been near the Yew Lich spawn since the beginnings of time... here.
  • The reason folks use Spellweaving with a "pure mage" is largely due to its ability to AMP the hell'out'your summon abilities. Energy Vortex's in PvM are not garbage with Spellweaving. Only champs and lords tend to dispel them; and even then you can …
  • @Urge Sincerely appreciate the content there and would be interested in said melee Ninja template. I have no expectation that it'll be the content clearing Sampire for PvM, but that's ok... I still haven't fully completed mine anyway.
  • I hear ya and regarding the Chiv'Ninja, I'd be interested to hear more Urge. The Ninja is probably my least experimented with skillset in UO today. My primary interest on the above was trying to capitalize on "Mage Weapon" in the event it worked p…
  • Noted there. I guess I was thinking that you'd still potentially be effective with the damage output via mage weapon + ninjitsu + tactics; but I honestly don't know if the algorithm allows for that combination. I understand not being able to cast Ma…
  • Has anyone made a Ninja Mage for fun? Ninjitsu Tactics Stealth Hiding Magery Meditation Evaluate Intelligence I was thinking that a "Mage Weapon" might substitute for the necessary weapon skill, but I haven't fully analyzed this - and since I have…
  • As things go, what would be the "old school warrior" template?
  • @Arroth_Thaiel - Noted and thanks there. It's unusual they'd cap one and not the other, but I suppose that attempts to get around the issues folks have with pure mages, maybe?? Regardless, that's good content and I'll check further into the calculat…
  • Does the "no cap" also apply to DI (as in melee damage increase) ?
  • Spell Damage Increase has no Cap? I thought the character sheet maxed out at 100?? My assumptions were for SDI and DI specifically; as the character sheet only shows 100 max. My follow-up question would then be... is Lumberjacking a Damage Bonus or …
  • Well, give that content above another shot. I'm looking for a viable/engaging Samurai Warrior and/or Ninja Warrior template specifically; but added the collection of templates based on my present understanding of mechanics and thread alias as well.
  • Noted there @Urge; thanks.
  • PvM at this point. I'm sure there are shard exceptions, but I don't even see people in Felucca on the Baja shard; at least not yet. So Lumberjacking has basically become a gathering skill at this point? There are so many item enhancements available…
  • This post has aged, but its content remains valid. As one who has always enjoyed the pure mage, I find it very unfortunate that a large portion of the game is not available to me (as a soloist in this guise) - even with excessive power gear.  At th…