Is the EC localized into not English languages?

Is the EC localized into not English languages?  If so where can I download the not English versions?

I am working on an enhancement that involves the parsing of strings that I have no idea are localized or not.


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    You may be able to set your system locale to something else when you run uopatch.exe
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    I do know about the Language option in the EC's Settings but the only options are English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.  No options for German, French, or Spanish.  Are there separate downloadable versions of the EC in those languages? I switched my PC's language from English to German and ran the patcher but the EC was still in English.

    I am using GetStringTid() but there are 2 string IDs with the same text in English that I am interested in parsing.  If the EC was localized those 2 strings may be different from each other.

    Interestingly if I change the EC's language setting to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean the two strings are the same when localized but the EC still displays the English string. If there were a German, French, or Spanish versions of the EC would this behavior be the same?
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    There are no separate versions. I've attached a "CustomLocalizaion" script that came with the CopperEnhanced mod many years ago. I don't know much about it. I gather that it literally just reads data from a CSV that you provide. I suppose adding a language that is currently not supported would require that you map each string to the other language's equivalent and add that language as an option in the settings.

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    You should reach out to Pinco.  She is the one who designed the EC UI when she worked at Mythic.  She has discord server dedicated to her own EC UI mod.

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