Music while playing UO



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    Fu blackthorn :)

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    Heading on to UO 2024 from 98. "Gqrriot why you hate us so much? Ultima need you

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    Im not a big fan of Luc and her $103.92 per month of entitlement. 
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    Louise Post (of Veruca Salt) - Queen of the Pirates

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  • daricdaric Posts: 32
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    I put the Ultima V song in midi style into the music files, and Its set to only play at logon screen
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    Here's a list of good albums all the way through.  Depending on music taste.

    Korn (Self Titled)
    2 Pac (All Eyes on Me)
    Boys 2 Men (Two)
    Nine Inch Nails (Pretty Hate Machine & Downward Spiral)
    Diana Ross and the Supremes (Anthology)
    Green Day (Dookie)
    The Temptations (Anthology)
    Eminem (Marshall Mathers IP)
    Smashing Pumpkin (Siamese Dream)
    Snoop Dog (Doggystyle)
    Madonna (Like a Prayer)
    The Who (Live at Leeds & Whos Next)
    Shania Twain (Come on Over)
    Weezer (The Blue Album)
    Van Halen (Van Halen)
    Nirvana (MTV Unplugged & In Utero & Nevermind)
    Metalica (Black Album & Master of Puppets)
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Greatest Hits)
    Rage Against the Machine (Self Titled)
    Eagles (Hotel California)
    Michael Jackson (Bad & Thriller)
    Beastie Boys (License to Ill)
    Pearl Jam (Ten)
    Oasis (What's the Story Morning Glory)
    George Michael (Faith)
    Adele (21)
    U2 (The Joshua Tree)
    Pink Floyd (The Wall & Darkside of the Moon)
    Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin & Led Zeppelin II & Led Zeppelin IV)
    Hole (Live Through This)
    REM (Automatic for the People)
    The Doors (Self Titled & LA Woman)
    AC/DC (Back in Black)
    Neil Young (Harvest)
    NWA (Straight Outta Compton)
    Alanis Morisette (Jagged Little Pill)
    Guns N Roses (Appetite for Destruction)
    Chuck Berry (The Great 28)
    Dr Dre (The Chronic)
    The Beatles (White Album & Abbey Road)
    Lauryn Hill (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)
    Prince (Purple Rain)
    Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
    Marvin Gaye (What's Going On)
    The Big Chill Soundtrack
    311 (Self Titled)
    Sevendust (Best Of Chapter 1)
    Stone Temple Pilots (Core)
    Blue October (Things We Do At Night Live)
    Staind (Break the Cycle)
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