Upcoming Tokuno Event: suggestions for a Dexer's High Luck suit ?

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Without sacrificing too much combat performance for a Dexer, how much Luck could be achieved with a Dexers Luck suit and what pieces/artifacts should it carry in order to achieve a good compromise in between whatever stats are needed for combat and a Luck as high as possible ?

Would it differ depending whether we are talking about a Sampire or a Dexer with Healing ?

Thank you !!

1. Head piece
2. Hands piece
3. Arms piece
4. Legs piece
5. Gorget piece
6. Chest piece

Those for the 6 armor pieces.

7. Weapon
8. Shield
9. Ring
10. Bracelet
11. Earrings
12. Robe
13. Apron piece
14. Sash piece
15. Talisman
16. Shoes


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