Official Discord Server

  1. Should there be an official Discord server13 votes
    1. Yes!
    2. No!
    3. What’s discord?


  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,240
    I voted No simply because I think there should only be one official place for all things UO which is where the Dev team would check to communicate with players.

    We currently have this forum (the "official" forum) / Stratics (unofficial) / random Discord channels / UOGuide / UO-Cah / UO Wiki... and I'm sure I'm missing a few other things. If anything I think we need to consolidate rather than expand places people go for UO communication / info.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,314
    Do not forget all the Facebook pages
  • looploop Posts: 331
    edited July 2023
    No. While Discord is providing means to make communication more forum-like and less focused on live messaging, I can’t imagine the team being able to moderate it. These forums are already rife with trolling. The unofficial discord servers are fine enough. I also don’t know the complexities of “officially” overseeing communications on what is ultimately a third party platform.

    I do think there are opportunities for the team to increase its engagement through other social media. New Legacy would be a great opportunity to do that, but since it hasn’t happened I assume it’s not on the radar.
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    "thats just what we need, censorship on more platforms"
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  • SaulGoodman1SaulGoodman1 Posts: 285
    Yes, lets have a discord server and we can sing karioke, do a (shard name)'s got talent, I will be a judge and accept bribes upfront ty
  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 352
    Great, another place for the "team" to ignore the players. Sounds fantastic!
  • There are too many trolls on these boards. Now imagine them when they can troll in real time.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,314
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