From the desk of Angelique - The Grimswind Saga

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It all started nearly 3 years ago, when Grimswind came to Malas...

There we found several people and creatures that inhabited this strange place.

These "people" were once very dangerous but now appear to be rehabilitated while in this town. Creatures that were once murderers have reformed to being upstanding citizens.


Unfortunately, because of their long and dark past, these "people" were unable to rejoin society in Britannia. Instead, they remain in this special city that is invisible to the citizens of Sosaria, only to appear 1 night every year. While most would think this is to protect the citizens around Sosaria, it is in fact meant to protect the citizens of Grimswind as some still are skeptical of their reform.


Our previous visit with these people appeared to be one of the introductions. These "people" did in fact appear to be reformed by our investigations. And so, following our introductions and pleasantries, they departed.


Once again, in October of last year, the city did appear to us. This time, things were out of sorts. The city appeared to have been attacked, it's buildings burning, it's citizens in dismay. Once more, we investigated the situation, only to find out that a key element in keeping the citizens there and their past aggression sealed, a special book, was torn apart.


Upon speaking with Jack, we found that these pages were more than something of a twisted fairy tale, these pages indeed held all their past and the evils that once plagued them within. But the pages were torn from the book. Unleashed into the realms of Sosaria. Because of this, Jack was unable to fully seal the town away and instead allowed Frau Holda, their finest "mage", to assist us in finding these pages, adding them to the book so that the people may rest easy once more.


There did appear to be 2 more "people" than usual there outside of the city, hidden in the trees. Were these the culprits? Did they unleash these pages? And if so, why? Did they create these “summons” that appear with each page?


Each month, Frau Holda has assisted us in retrieving the pages, one by one, to add to the book. But not without its work! For the pages themselves appeared to take on a life of their own, releasing the evil that they held. Thankfully, because of Frau, we can find each page before they are unleashed completely and set their sights on innocent citizens.


Some still feel Frau is not as helpful as she is. Still, time and time again, she has found these creatures at their spawn points so we can stop them before they make it beyond there. While she does not physically assist with the sealing of them (as we do not know why), I am sure that is why my Guards are suspicious of what she wants.


Thus far, we have managed to find 6 pages; Jack, The Marquise, Penelope Wyze, Abbigail Brewster, Frau Holda and Frederique.


Each of these pages is more dangerous than the last.


However, in our last encounter with Frederiques page, there appeared to be some anger from Frau (more than usual). We're unsure why she was so angry at this one. However, it is my understanding there was someone hidden in the shadows watching everything take place. Who could this have been, what do they want? Are they the ones that caused this? There are so many questions left unanswered.


Very soon we will have audience with Frau, so that the citizens and their Governors may ask some questions in hopes of shedding some life on what is going on...

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    I sit here, writing this as His Majesty did not feel well the day of Royal Council and am tasked with questioning Frau Holda. Below is what I was able to get from Frau Holda. I have personally translated this extensively for others to read;

    Frau Holda, you have been with us for several months now and there is a question to where your loyalty lies. Can you please tell me where indeed, it lies?
    Interesting question, very well. My loyalties are to myself and my new family.

    I see, so you have no loyalty to His Majesty?
    In a word, yes. But not in the same manner you do. We are loyal to the crown, because we have to be. We have our due penance because your King allowed it. We respect the Crown, but we do not live by it.

    Respect the Crown, how do you mean?
    We respect the laws of this land. Your King has granted us visitation to these lands, despite our pasts. We would not do anything to jeopardize that.

    I see. So if the King were to tell you to do something, you would?
    Within reason, yes. But that is true for all of his subjects, no?

    Indeed. Very well then. What do you hope to gain from assisting us?
    Our home of course. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And what could you lose should you not help us?
    Everything. I don't think you understand our situation.

    Please, enlighten us...
    The book that was stolen from us was much more than just a twisted book of fairy tales. They were what kept our past locked away. It kept us stable, hidden. It kept us from reverting back to our old ways. The pages being stolen is more than just symbolism. With the proper magic, it could bring those ill intentions to life. The only means to stop it, is to return the page to the book.

    So what could happen if they don't get put back?
    If they are not returned, Grimswind can never go back to the way it was, we would cease to try to be "good" and I'm certain you all would have our heads, or we yours.

    So your assisting us, is only to help yourselves?
    Not at all. In assisting you, we also can save people from getting hurt, if not worse.

    How so?
    If these things get loose on the citizens of the cities, they would surely kill anything and anyone in their path. They have no cognitive thinking, they are only the raw emotion and need to kill.

    I see. So you are helping us in what way exactly?
    To bring you to the origin point, before they are able to run around in your lands. If we stop them at their origin point, we can prevent them from doing any real damage or harm to anyone.

    And what happens when we get all the pages?
    Provided that we find out who did this and stop them, the book will get returned, the city will return to it's original state and we can go about our lives again.

    Do you know who did this?
    I have my own ideas... tracks, clues, all left behind. It's a miracle none of your people have even noticed them before! But then, no one has really asked me these questions either..

    What kinds of clues and tracks?
    The kind that would suggest a hunter at work. My guess would be 2. Special knives, foot prints with grave dirt in them, demon blood spatter, slinking in shadows; this has all the markings of paranormal hunters. Inexperienced too would be my guess as well. Judging by the speed they are doing things.

    And when we find them, what do you intend to do to them?
    I only want answers, what happens to them afterward, is up to you and your guards. We will have no part in playing judge, jury or executioner. We are different you know, we're not the same people and creatures we once were, despite your thoughts of us.

    What do you mean?
    I have noticed your eye glances, whispers behind closed doors. I am not stupid, I can sense the fear, frustration and glares. The very fact that I am here now speaking to you, confirms it and that we are trying to be good, change our ways and prove we can be trusted and I am here being interrogated to find just that.
    You lot never once asked me any of these questions up front. You just continued to follow through and move along to the next. Have any of you thought about how WE are? What WE feel on this? How this impacts US?

    Of course we-
    I very much doubt that. Please, do not patronize me... I do believe we are done here. If you have any more questions, you know where to find me. And don't worry, I'll be sure to be here again to guide you to the next target. Despite the weary behavior on me, I have full trust in you all. That you will find those responsible and exact justice on them.

    I wanted to say thank you, but before I could even take a breath, she was gone. I hope this is enough, as at this moment, it does not appear we are making allies at all, but enemies instead.

    Chesapeake EM
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