Centering or moving things on a tile?

I would like to be able to move things around on objects like this tarot deck and Virtue candle around on this table. Another example is moving this Ankh to center it on the patch of grave. Is there any way to accomplish this?



  • RinerRiner Posts: 357
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    OK I was told on Stratics to raise them with a deco tool. Which I did this placed the Ankh in the rear center of the grave which I am happy with. The cards also came out great, but I would like to move the candle to the upper right corner of the table but can't place it on the right side to raise it from there and raising it from the bottom left only took me to the middle. Also, would be cool if I could put another candle in the upper left corner, so one on each end.  Any other methods I need to learn?

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  • BenBen Posts: 208
    Thinking that if everything on table is locked down, remove the table, then place the candles you want to add on the ground space to the left and right of the present candle, then raise up. Then place table back.
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