New Reward Title idea!

I've been thinking that achieving knight status in all the virtues is a noble idea, but it would be nice to display this accomplishment. What better way than with a new reward title. I suggest either Knight of Virtue or Virtuous Knight. It could be a one-time reward title, as most virtues are used and vary in level, I suggest that one must have all 8 virtues at knight level to have the title bestowed but once achieved the title remains. The title could even be rewarded in the form of a deed and granted by an NPC if the quest to raise all 8 virtues is completed. 


  • I’d prefer “Sir Not-Appearing-In-this-Film”
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    I’d prefer “Sir Not-Appearing-In-this-Film”

  • When the Virtue system was first coming out, many years ago, they actually said there'd be just that -- a "Knight of Virtue" title to represent becoming Knight of all virtues.

    I guess I always assumed they'd implemented this but now doing some reading I see no reference to it.
  • I support this idea, Riner. :)

    I have one toon who has been Knight in all virtues for years ...
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