Terathan keep questions

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Is there portal that takes you there?
I assume you can't mark there?

And for my smart fishing friends at 120 using bait suit and smelly bait what's % chance for stone crab?

Also i assume it's the water inside the keep ?


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    "fel dungeon fire, goto mage room take teleporter on right to destard, teleporter on right again to terra keep"
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  • Estel_RandirEstel_Randir Posts: 189
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    Tram side: There is no portal. You have to run to the keep through all the ophidians (or stealth) & you can mark a rune in the above ground areas of the keep. Go down the stairs, etc to the bottom of the keep and at the bottom you will find a swamp. You can mark a rune right along the edge of the swamp where it joins the wall of the keep near the doorway. I think everywhere else is blocked - at least I have not found any other area down there where you can mark a rune.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,229
    You can mark above ground. This video starts at the point my rune is marked on Europa. It might help you further too. 
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