Question: Large Bod: Combine this deed with contained items


I am wondering what exactly does "Combine this deed with contained items" in Large Bod's mean.

If I remember right (not 100% sure) once it was possible to put all items for a Large BOD in a bag and use the "Combine this deed with contained items" to the bag to fill the Large BOD ...

Since I rejoined UO several moths ago and the Wiki
doesn't answer my question, maybe some will answer my question.

(I am not asking about "combine this deed with another deed.. this is clear, depending on the server server population it could take ages to collect 6 matching normal BOD's for the Large BOD)

Thx in advance


  • ChrilleChrille Posts: 208
    OK the answer is yes to what you're not asking for, it will combine the lbod with the 6 matching small filled bods when they are in a bag that you target
  • AhankAhank Posts: 46
    O.K. thx a lot...

    I was thinking to this but never thought it could be true :-) 
  • TheoTheo Posts: 162
    If you target your backpack on your paperdoll it will use your main pack also.  Be careful it will combine anything it find so if you have say a magical imbued katana in your pack it can use it to fill a katana bod.   For this reason I craft in a salvage bag then click this option and target the salvage bag to fill the bod.    

    This also works for larges too - target the bag with the small bods already filled and it will combine up the large.   Also be careful here.  IF you have a 20 large normal bod and you have a 20 small normal and a 20 small ex in your bag - it might select the EX since EX will fit into a normal bod.   
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