Fel Facet Forgotten?

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A lot of older or returning players are coming back to the game and finding PvP is corrupted by trolls and large guilds abusing VvV bugs to their advantage.

Fel players need a new organized PvP system to make fights possible and fun, not just catered to super large guilds that only want to dismount gank with 15+ players. 

This is a huge disadvantage to smaller guilds and solo players with competitive play styles.  Maybe something with a purpose, similar to the old factions would be reasonable. 

Fighters who wish to join this, have a set limit to how many players are allowed in guild.  Winning team can be rewarded with unique character named items (trophies, statues, etc), colored pets.

Just throwing out some ideas to make PvP fun for everyone, hope this helps.


  • TailTail Posts: 70
    This is a great Idea, 5 man guilds would be nice. Also, how about removing pardons from the game and make reds matter again...we lost so much fun because of that.
  • AniAni Posts: 23
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    It would be exciting to see more Fel side events. 

    Players can pick partner/teams to compete at various ranked tournaments and win prizes, gold or artis.

    "Captain Bot" can pick random teams on bonus days.

  • daricdaric Posts: 32
    Ofcourse it is. Felucca have gotten only whip slashes since someone came up with idea of trammel. Felucca not even exist to them, you can see it when you go look towns in trammel then go look felucca towns. And biggest slap to felucca face is chaos shrine in trammel. There is reason why it even exist in game and it place sure is not trammel. Can start fixing pvp from that
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,343
    Players have houses in Felucca and some PKers do monitor various spawn areas that yield scrolls but for the most part on my shard Felucca is pretty barren and pretty much abandoned.  The Bank of Britain looks really dead.  Except for PKers preying on players trying to get scrolls, I have never seen another player there.

    UO offers various incentives to try to force players to play in Felucca but overall do not believe they are very successful.  Think for a PvP game to be successful players playing the game have to be into that.  It’s the primary focus of the game.  UO advertises itself more as a be what you want to be kind of game that incorporates some PvP.
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    Anyone wearing/riding VvV gear should be attackable anywhere anytime by anyone 
  • daricdaric Posts: 32
    There is just not single reason why anyone would go felucca or have to spend time there for getting something what cannot get elsewhere from game, power scrolls is just not enough. They forgot felucca for couple decades and only pvp what remains is some fights at moongates if even that. 
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,386
    I'm not a pvper, I don't have the temperament for it, but I do spend time in Fel. I mine there, I hunt leather there, I farm fame there, I live there. This month I have 'farmed' around 60 Felucca maps from boxes and chests in Khaldun. 
    However pvmers and crafters in Fel prefer not to advertise their presence, at least not till after they're safely home :D
  • daricdaric Posts: 32
    It's not that bad place :) kinda mean that there is no pvp when there is not even smallest chance it to happen if we leave champ spawns and moongate duels off. It not have anything what trammel side not offer. Usually game is supposed kill players UO today does opposite and do everything possible to keep them alive. 
  • daricdaric Posts: 32
    Forgot add that where is mages trainable elementals and daemon. Can't those be stored to crystall ball or something. Tamers got every single animal in world to train and to make it for mages only is too hard to cut tamers out. If you have taming skill you can't have elementals or daemon to bond and train. 
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