Player Memorials: No More?

Several months ago, Great Lakes lost a few well known players.  We were able to have in game player memorials with the assistance of the EM’s.  These memorial sites are still visited regularly by players.  It’s a large reason why many people still play, because they’re able to visit their friends who they wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise, and play the game partly in their memory.

Recently, we had another player pass away.  We contacted the EM’s requesting a player memorial and were informed that they’re no longer doing player memorials.  Instead, there will be a new memorial system put in place.  No information available regarding the details of what the new system will be, nor a timetable for this new system.  Just simply a rejection for a player memorial in game.  The wife of the deceased was not happy with this information as they were looking forward to being able to visit a location in a game her husband loved and played frequently.

It’s very disappointing to think that as personal a game as this is due to the nature of the game, that player memorials are no longer being done.  I respectfully ask that if there is currently no timetable for this new system for player memorials that we be able to have an in game memorial for our friend on Great Lakes.  The same as we’ve done for many years.

In the current player memorial system, a location is picked and approved for the memorial and a tombstone is selected and engraved.  If there is in fact a new system that will be released, what is this new system and when can we expect to see it?  Not to seem too aggressive, but in the past, broadsword has been more likely to take things away than to add new things.  So I really hope you’re not planning to just do away with the memorials all together and just stalling for time.


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    Yes, like to see these.  That the game cares enough about the players to provide them.  This is a game now more about relationships than anything else.  Saddens me to ride past locations where the houses of long time players used to stand.  Really this system should stay in place.
  • It would seem to myself that it would also help a player especially ones whom have a loved one pass away to help with their mourning  process.  It's not just a game for alot of players...its become a community, hangout, getaway from real life, therapy in a sense, and most importantly some would say a family.  Save the morality that this game has developed for alot of people.  Let us not just become numbers but as human beings that have a place to go to to enjoy.
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    Coming soon! Publish on TC right now

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    Player Memorial Area

    • A new player memorial area has been built on all shards
    • Teleporters to the memorial can be found in Britain’s prominent graveyards
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    I have two statuies of passed players locked down in my castle would they be able to copy them to place them there or do I need to hand them over and where do I do that at? I came up with this idea years ago and people where fighting me about it.
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    We also have that in Luna. Thankfully they gave their accounts to a friend so we still have the characters if we need to make new statues for them.

    We also have a memorial just outside of Luna.

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    I would love to learn more of this, most know why.
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  • I KNOW why.   Quite a few years ago an Atlantic jerk ruined it for everyone by having his friend claim he died and ask for a Memorial. They got the memorial and a big memorial service. Later the guy was bragging about how he lied and gotten memorial.  He laughed at Mesanna and called her stupid.  OF COURSE it got back to her.  That's when she went on the warpath. She deleted his memorial and a number of others. She was threatening to delete ALL OF THEM.  I guess someone talked her out of it.   99.9% of things that are taken away from us its the player base's own damn fault.  If we'd start turning in the cheaters, scripters, RMTers and what not instead of protecting them. Maybe then the Dev wouldn't have such a dim view. I am not their Fan Gurl but even I am sick of the toxic, greedy, backstabbing, "Screw-you-over-as-to-look-at-you-mentality" that pervades UO and always has.
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    "you don't have to submit a death cert?
    you do to turn a facebook page into a memorial page"
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    Edit: I tried to reply to Larisa via quote but it was messed up and it ended up here /shrug

    That statue of Hope hit me in the feels, again. I visit her every now and then, we all called her "Mom". I originally met Hope on Wakoku, oddly enough. Not only Hope, but many members of her immediate family, and a host of friends that had relocated from Pacific (IIRC) when Wakoku came online. I came from Sonoma. They had this thing called XMG which was a big family of some of the coolest people I'd ever met in UO since 10/97.

    A couple years back I transferred 2 full accounts back to Origin, from Atlantic, after a long-time friend developed a fondness for IDOCs and started shard hopping and I didn't feel like joining yet another guild - so back to XMG on Origin.

    Then running down to the guild house in Luna as soon as the transfer was complete, I found the statues. I don't think I'll ever leave Origin now, just because, well just because. It's lonely, deserted albeit for the xfers for events but it's all I have left of Mom.
  • This MAY have been a good idea if something other than stone tiles on a star field had been built. It's positively dismal.  I won't be going back.
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