Journal of My Notes of Britain:

Penned in Notes for August:

Few weeks ago, a fishing boat reported a creature in the waters between Skara and Jhelom. I had wanted to dismiss such rumors but felt it was more responsible to send the Best Dragon Warrior and a Britain Naval ship and crew to investigate, as I waited for the ships return, time was beginning to go by and it was past the time I felt was right for its return I began to worry, especially since my best Dragon warrior was my Niece, AnnaBeth. I began to pace the floor of my office, perhaps a walk to the docks was in order, best to be closer to the incoming ship. There, just like at my office I paced, and chatted with the harbor master. As he spoke to me, he told of tales he had heard of legendary creatures that had not been seen in a very long time, appearing to ship at sea recently. This did not help my anxiety and I tried to refrain from crying, if my sister hears of this, she will be furious with me for sending her daughter. Travel by land was dangerous from risks of the Mad Piper and now Trolls that could be under some sort of spell or Trance from the Piper as well. With Britains Pontifex - Roberto, the bridge inspector, missing and not knowing of his where abouts yet or if he was even still alive. making land travel unsafe, the sea had to be well guarded. Trades with cities must go on for the Kingdoms wellbeing. 

Time for Annabeth's return had been many hours past time we had thought would be her return, but across the bay I could see a large ship slowly making its way to the docks. My focus was on the lights on the ship and my anxiety was at its peak, hopefully this is my niece returning. I began shifting my weight from one leg to the other, in a rocking motion. I could now see the sails and saw the Dragon that was sewn into the sails. It was her ship but was she ok? My anxiety was still extremely high. As the ship drew even closer, I could see her bright Golden Hair, she was clutched with one hand holding onto the mast and waving with her other hand. Big sigh of relief and I felt much better. 

As she jumped from the ship onto the docks, she ran up to me hugging me. She began to tell of the experience she had just had. As she spoke " everything seemed fine but as we neared Skara City shores something happened, big waves came up and pushed the ship south, the wind and waves were horrendous. The ship was being tossed all over the waters, I couldnt get a close look at what was doing it, just something right under water level, maybe some sort of scalis. The old fisherman on the boat kept mumbling *Charybdis, Charybdis* but I could see anything, I only felt the ship get tossed back and forth, then it just stopped" as she looked at me, she just shrugged.  I asked her " Do you feel the waters are safe? Now I know how much AnnaBeth tries not to worry me, she looked me straight in the eyes, but blinked an looked away as if something had caught her attention back at the ship, she replied " everything was fine everywhere where else we patrolled and I feel it was just a Sea storm, but yes, the fisherman still claims it was Charybdis. I think he is just a little off. I would not worry about the sea I feel like it's fine."......

to be continued.......
Jaden Rain


  • Continued Notes for August

    Britain's Fleet is growing, and a new Naval Base is in the works, great location to watch for threats from the sea, and the sailors seem to like it, it's believed they sneak across the bay to The Unicorns Mane across the bay. Much talk in Britain of what many thought was extinct creature of the sea, more and more rumors of its existence are surfacing on the streets of Britain. cargo ships have come across this creature a few times near Skara, and almost as if it understands who is killing its kind, it has now been sighted near Trinsic and Britain. The last battle Britain's Navy has had with these creatures left one ship washed up on the shores of Trinsic. I shall call for more recruits for the Royal Navy and make plans to secure our seas near Britain this week. Posters will be posted at Town Criers recruiting for the Royal Navy and for each City to get their Navys ready to aide with the creature. I shall bring this up at the upcoming Governors meeting...
    Jaden Rain
  • Notes for September:

    Reports from Britain Navy: Waters have been crashing against the banks with force constantly outside Britain Naval Base, and several officers have reported Rumblings from the Bay. Fishermen are avoiding Britain docks afraid to enter the Bay of Britain, saying it is as if a storm, yet the weather is calm and sunny, but the waters are churning and tossing the ships, rocking the ships and this is actually in the Bay of Britain not out to open sea. This is causing fishermen to be docking along the shores of East Britain and hauling the fish to market from East Britain shores, very inconvenient for them. One Fisherman who works closely with Britain Navy accompanied Naval Officers out into the Bay to investigate. Once out in the bay the ship began to rock, and many officers were thrown to their bums on deck. Looking overboard the water looked dark and movement was seen under ship as we glided up next to an abandoned ship in the bay, it appeared tattered and worn from something, and nobody present, as Officers were inspecting the empty ship movement was noticed from under the ship, knocking the Naval further into the bay. As the crew gathered themselves and prepared for the worst, the worst appeared water tenacles surrounded the ship slapping the crew to the center of the boat, and then the monster appeared, and the battle began. Charybdis had appeared and has been residing in Britian's Bay, the crew fought this creature and finally it lay dead over the side of the ship, but the rumblings were over, there still seemed to be a storm within the water, the Bay was even more raging and rocking the ship and tossing it around the waters until a larger Charybdis appeared, appearing to be a male. So, I am guessing the crew had killed its mate. The waters were agitating, and the bay was spitting remnants of debris to the shores and all over the ship. we had possibly destroyed the mating cycle of this Charybdis family, or had we discovered them before they reproduced, either way the battle began and this one was not going down as easily as the last one............

    Jaden Rain
  • NOTE: Britain Naval Base is at the Sand area on the map
    Jaden Rain
  • Appointed as Pontifex of Briitain,  meaning priest of bridges, I appointed Roberto. Although he has been missing most of my time in office and the Trolls inhabiting under the bridge between Britain and Trinsic have only well-established their home there. In his state it's unclear if he is capable of duties of eliminating the trolls. The next few weeks we shall see if the job can be done or if I should inquire for help to banish the bothersome trolls. I shall post on the bulletins for aide for Roberto and Britain to slay the trolls or relocate them. Possibly, Trinsic can send them with the Socialist to Tera-sanctum. Might be an interesting trip betting on the trolls or Socialist to arrive alive. 

    I have committed to send food supplies to Yew to aide in the citizens as they proceed to rebuild after the attacks and destruction caused by the Mad Piper. The farmers have agreed to send some of their crops for exchange for free set up of a Market in the city Commons this fall. Plans will be proposed to help Vesper deliver goods to help Yew for our two cities to ban together for protection of the deliveries. Meeting shall be asked for, with Vespers Governor Bytor on this help for Yew. 

    It appears Skara is being closely watched and possibly Britain has no threats from Suka the Pirate, so my bounty I have posted for her capture can be put on the back burner since she doesn't seem as bothersome as she claims to be. 

    Jaden Rain
  • OCC: OCC: DragonStone and Britain have been doing the Charybdis on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm est gathering at Britians Naval base, across the bay from the Docks on the sandy shore. Anyone wishing to RP we will meet at 7:30 at the Naval Base before the hunt, you can continue to go with us or simply show up for RP before the hunt.
    Jaden Rain

    Meeting was called the spur of the moment, but here are notes of meeting:

    Keep in Mind Meeting was held In King British Castle

    Ok so notes on meeting: we spoke about Charybdis hunts moved to 7:30 then at 9 o’clock a short meeting at the Naval base please any thoughts on this let’s hear them


    Each meeting we take turns at leading an adventure, this evening I took everyone up stairs to a hidden room with a lady named Grizelda in it and Gracie spoke to her she had a tale to tell ( still unknown what that’s about)
    Even if the adventure is showing us a piece of UO history and talking about it, or a mini quest like in Termur or anything questy
    Or show us an unreachable place now

    And also

    They were each asked to have a report for next meeting over one of two topics I gave them
    First topic:

    What would you like to see from Britain
    Second topics:

    What is Grizelda in that room for and what is that about, can be your own story of it ( like she was Lord British side gal)
    Jaden Rain
  • Harvest Season in Britain

    Excitement has filled the lands surrounding Britain. Farmers are having a Great Pumpkin Harvest and giant pumpkins are popping up all over the fields outside of Britain. There is much activity near the Graveyard with something people refer to as "the Butcher". Citizens have done well at keeping the thing out of the city and the King just nods from the warning of such a creature. Meanwhile, Britain has always been the city of Compassion, caring for others, since I am Governor and a big part of the Family of DragonStone, which the family estate is located on Ice Island aka Dagger Island, home of Deceit Dungeon, rumors have it of an evil element within the depts o that Dungeon. So, yes, I have been sending DragonStone family to aide with that situation.

    Charybdis hunts had been called off to have more help within Deceit, but since matters seem to now be more in control we will begin Charybdis hunts on Tuesdays again starting November 1 at 8:00 pm, meet at Britain's Royal Navy Base
    Jaden Rain
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