More Wrestling!

After last night's successful opening night, a loud hue and cry erupted for MORE WRESTLING! We don't know if it was appreciation of the combatants' skill, the allure of easy money from the bookies, the tantalizing offerings of Zedland Catering, the euphonious play by play courtesy of DJ Shafty, the aroma of blood stained mud, or the chance to see more scantily clad women. Regardless, who are we to say no to the masses.

In response to the overwhelming interest, Lord d'Anconia, the gratious and benevolent governor of Minoc, has arranged for a new mud wrestling league.

The second Thursday of every month, August through December (8-11, 9-8, 10-13, 11-10 and 12-8) at 8PM eastern at the Minoc Mud Palace.

Round robin league play. The number of matches each night will be determined by the number of grapplers in the league.

EACH MATCH will have a 100,000 gold purse to the winner.
(If a fighter cannot attend on a given night, a makeup night can be arraigned or the match can be forfeited. If forfeited, opponent gets the win, but not the gold)

Rules will be same as opening night and will be available in books at the Minoc Mud Palace.

League Champion (best overall win percentage) to be determined after all fights on December 8th. In the event of a tie, a final match will be held.

Prizes (in addition to individual match purse):

Grand Champion 100 million gold
2nd Place 50 million gold
3rd Place 25 million gold

DJ Shafty of UO Radio has been invited back to broadcast live each night and we hope to have him on site calling all the action live and providing his own unique color commentary as well as giving our prizes for audience participation.

All grapplers must register with the league commissioner (see d'Anconia, Danneskjold, Borganne, or Adelin in game or leave a message below


  • This was a terrific event and a lot of fun.  Makes me want to roll up a wrestler on Chessy.  Yes, I will be livecasting this event (schedule permitting).
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