Restore Teleporter to House in Abyss Please, Need to Contact Owner of House

Of_BeastsOf_Beasts Posts: 99
Good morning Sonoma!  Quick question.  So here on Sonoma there is a house just NW of the Fire ruins area in the underworld.  It has a teleporter to Luna.  Now from what I have heard is the house in Luna that had the teleporter had Idoc'd and the teleporter disapeared.  The house in the Underworld is still there.  We are trying to find the owner of the house so we could place a new teleporter to link up with it.  Is there anyway for a GM or someone else to contact the owner so we could put a new set of teleporters in it?  @Mariah is there any way this could be done?

House Name: Ranger of the Abyss
Owner:  Julius


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,895Moderator
    Not that I am aware of. I can only suggest:
    Post on Stratics
    If there's a Sonoma facebook page, post that
    If there's a Sonoma discord channel, post that
    If there's a mailbox at the house put a book in it with your request and contact details
    Call out in General chat at different times.
    If you're ok with the idea of others having your contact details you could drop books around the house if there's no mailbox, but I don't really recommend that.
  • Of_BeastsOf_Beasts Posts: 99
    I have posted on stratics as well.  I am bumping this in hopes the owner might see this.
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