Totems and potions of glorious fortune



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    Pawain said:
    McDougle said:
    I think my stance on this is well documented I'm in favor of anything sold on a RMT site should be sold cheaper in the UO store..
    I thought this thread was about Totems and Potions sold in the store.  You found out you were wrong so you want to change the subject?

    Yes Virginia you can get all the color rabbits without the Totem.  I guess Ruby won UO without paying extra.  Does that make you mad?
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    RNG Blessed me this morning in North Haven. Finally tamed an Orange/Red Rabbit without the use of a totem. So, yes, YOU CAN get it without a totem. I also tamed a Green one in Del last night WITHOUT the use of a totem.
    So was the green one a rabbit or jack rabbit?

    Green Jack Rabbit. Sorry for the confusion. I have not seen a red jack rabbit or a green rabbit. I don't know anyone who has seen either of those. All the other colors have been found with both rabbit and jack rabbit.
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    This thread started as a troll and never grew beyond that.
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