From the desk of Angelique - "Relvinian, Nick and Rovena - what we know thus far"

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Initially when we met Rovena, she was a witch who seemed to be seeking power. To what means, we did not know. But we would soon find out.

Rovena has had an interesting past. It would appear she is far older than she appears to be. This is due to the collection of souls that she would use to keep her youth. Rovena started as a woman who wanted to be a witch of importance. Her strives to better herself with magic continued through her youth, until she attempted to prove her worth to a prominent coven. This would prove to be a mistake, as she was rejected. In her fit of rage for more power, she sacrificed her favorite son for nearly unlimited power. This in turn would lead her to prove to the coven how powerful she was, by punishing those that rejected her.

Rovena would then take out her anger and sadness on her other son, Nick. Often she would treat Nick with distain. It was as if she felt he was to blame for everything that had happened to her.

Rovena spent her years then harnessing her power and continuing to grow. Using other womans weaknesses to better her own power. That is when we, the RBG, came in to investigate.

We found that Rovena was not who she appeared to be, a lonely old woman who only wished to help others. We would learn that her thirst for power would continue far beyond what we could even imagine. Rovena was in pursuit of becoming a Goddess. We would continue to thwart her efforts to gain more power while learning more about her.  

In doing so, we learned that she had a connection with Relvinian. They were once lovers. But it would seem their love would not stand the tests of time, as even Rovena felt that his pursuit to be able to control demons would prove to be the end of their relationship. Rovena would continue to use the remnants of his power in the hedge maze to further her own pursuits.

In our encounters with her, we learned of her other son, Nick. Nick was the hated son in her eyes. Once just a man, now a Demon himself, he came to us to assist us in stopping Rovena in getting Wildfire. Nick was not the most polite demon, but to prove his loyalty to the RBG, he sacrificed himself to stop Rovena.

This would prove to be the breaking point for Rovena. For it was after this happened, that in her rage to get even with the RBG, she finally surrendered herself. In doing so, Rovena thus far as proven to be somewhat of an ally to the RBG. While we are ever so skeptical of her intentions, thus far, she has proven to be loyal to her word.

Relvinian, a lover to Rovena, seems to still believe that they can be together. His efforts to win her love continues even to this day, despite the fact she is working against him.

Relvinian appears to be genuine in the idea that he wishes to help to do what is best for the people of Sosaria, but his means of doing so are questionable at best. He continues to attempt to control daemons, despite his many failures.

We continue to attempt to get through to him, but he appears to be blinded by his own ideas.

I am hopeful we can continue to stop Relvinian, get through to him and continue to keep Rovena as an ally. Time will surely tell.
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  • With the threat that both Rovena and Relvinian post to the citizens of the crown, it appears now would be the time to recruit new members to the RBG.  Indeed it might be time to harness the knowledge of scribes and scholars to add to the strength of the warriors.
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    02/24/2022 -

    Tonight we once again encountered Relvinian through the help of Rovena. Thus far she appears to be quite helpful. The King feels that she deserves a bit more freedom than your average prisoner of Yew, due to good behavior. I often wonder if this is an act or only because she feels she's lost everything.

    Upon getting to Relvinian, once again, it would appear his persistence to control daemons continues stronger than ever before. While the reports came back that they were not entirely controlled, it would appear that he is getting closer to his goals. To what end though? Is his only goal to control them to do bad things? Or is he sincere in his act that he wishes to control them to help the people of this realm? This remains to be seen and I'm not so certain we wish to see it come to fruition at all. The last time this happened, people died. We cannot risk any more casualties to this.

    While it would seem his attacks relentless towards the guards, it would appear a familiar face was seen on the battlefield. Nicholas Scratch. We all thought him to be dead. Matter of fact, we saw his charred remains! I am curious to hear how he is alive, but we would have to wait for another time. Because of him, the daemon army that was called forth was stopped entirely. He calls himself the new King of the Underworld. I wonder what this will mean for the realm. Is he still on our side? Or does he have his own agenda now?

    Regardless, he sent Relvinian running off again. I'm certain this isn't the last we'll see of him. Obviously. But it does potentially mean we have another ally that could assist in ending this madness. My question is, since he wishes to keep this from Rovena for the time being, when she finds out, how will she take it? Will she go back to her old ways? Can we trust her yet at all? His Highness believes we should give her a chance. But I am not all that convinced and neither are the others who have dealt with her in the past.

    I trust His Highness, so I will follow his direction, but I will do so with caution. Hopefully the next time we all meet, we will be able to end this, once and for all. Either by Relvinians own accord, or ours.
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    3-9-2022 -

    We began our mission with Rovena. She had the idea that perhaps her being there, might aid in persuading Relvinian from continuing with his madness. While I was reluctant to allow this to happen, being their history together, His Majesty felt that there was no reason to be cautious.

    Needless to say, I sent the guardsmen to go with her, so that there would be no betrayal, or at the very least, they could re-apprehend her if she decided to double cross us.

    Upon arrival, it was told that Relvinian did show up and there was some conversation between the two. Albeit, there were no pleasantries exchanged. Instead, they decided to mock and verbally cut each other down at every opportunity.

    It was clear that Rovena had a lot of ill memories with Relvinian and I'm told she did not hold back either. Her attempts to get him to listen were seemingly in vain. Relvinian just continued to lash out with his daemons attacking everyone with every opportunity.

    At one point, it would appear that Relvinian was holding back in what he could do, especially when Rovena struck quite the chord with him about his foolishness and their history. But before he could unleash his army, Nick decided to show up!

    Nick decided that, enough was enough, his daemon army would agree. Nick had some choice words for Relvinian while Rovena seemed shocked by his sudden appearance. After all, she still had presumed he was dead!

    Nick did not hesitate to send him to the underworld. Allowing the daemons there to have their "choice words" with him. I suppose him being the King of the Underworld, assisted us once again. And for that, we owe Nick a debt of gratitude.

    I am concerned there is an angle to this, but I am assured that there isn't. It is simple revenge on the daemons part to keep them happy with their new King. Rovena even willingly went back to her little room in Yew without hesitation!

    I am in hopes that this will be the last we hear of Relvinian, at least for a while...
    Chesapeake EM
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