Missing context menu option on stable master

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Both clients, Stable master has option to claim all pets on the context menu when you click on them but missing option to claim an individual pet.

Veterans know you can write the command "claim x" however it's not always simple to type in game when you have macros assigned to keys and can result in guard wacking when playing on a red.
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    Yes!  Claim all should be replaced with opening the menu to choose the pet.  
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    Lol, I am embarrassed at how long I did Claim All and then restabled the extras to get the mount or packie I wanted because I didn't know that Claim List was an option. Someone eventually told me, or I read it somewhere random. I don't need to change mounts often, so now I usually have to wrack my brains for a few moments to remember the magic phrase that lets me choose the one correct pet. Putting it on the menu would be great!
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    "NPC guild masters also missing 'Join' option, some players are old enough to know you must type "vendor Join" however not many

    (could also have 'stablecount' on stable master context menu)"

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