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    So how are people recharging these

    My impression is that they're not.

    They're either duping them; or relying on large hoards accumulated over the many years before AoS; or, I guess, some combination of both.
    Yoshi said:
    "you don't need to dupe them when you can recharge them,

    supplying no more info publicly on this matter"
    Was trying to get Yoshi to give up the secret.

    I hadn't noticed his post. It would be news to me. It's intriguing.
    There are NPCs that recharge items and I think a Ruined Switch recharges items not sure if there are other ways to recharge items.
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    There is a way to recharge teleport ring ask yoshi in private maybe he will tell
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    People tend to forget that this game used to be populated like 2x Atlantic almost every shard, that is indeed alot of teleport rings that must  have been farmed and hoarded specially from the asian servers, alot must come from idocs like it's been said.

    Even prior to AoS, Teleport Rings weren't that common. People forget, that pre-AoS Clothing/Jewelry could spawn with Bless/Strength/Agility/Cunning/Curse/Weaken/Clumsy/Feeblemind/Protection/Magic Reflection/Invisibility/Teleport. Teleport was just a single property possible from a myriad of them.

    Teleport Rings weren't that common back then, the mobs that frequently dropped Magic Items (which you had to ID before you could tell what properties they had, most often done with a ID Wand/Gnarled Staff) weren't all that easy for most people to farm. Liches were probably the single biggest source of Magic Items in UO back then, and they were pretty dangerous to solo. Point in case, i farmed the Covetous Lich Room and Lich Forest pretty heavily back then, i have chests full of Magic Clothing/Jewelry with Charges, yet only a small handful of Teleport Rings.
    So yes, high charge Teleport Rings are most definitely being duped.
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    They had this exact same discussion almost four years ago.

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