Crafting and sub skills

Is there a list anywhere that shows what crafting skills benefit from the existence of other skills?

For example carpentry and...??? etc etc


  • MargeMarge Posts: 501
    I'm guessing you mean like Smith and Tailor with the Arms lore bonus? I'm not sure about a list but Mariah probably will know. There is probably info on the page for each individual skill. Off the top of my head There is inscription and magery. The higher the magery, the more stats you can get on the spellbooks. (Up to 3 I believe.) Magery also is needed to make a few carpentry items like the pentagram. You will also need 40 music to make instruments with carpentry. I found a +20 ring and bracelet I wear to get the skill points.   
  • MariahMariah Posts: 1,770Moderator
    Not as such.  Any skill that is used to make armor or weapons will benefit from Armslore skill.
    Many items require more than one skill to craft, those are listed on the pages listing the craftables for that skill:
    As Marge has said, high magery improves the mods you can get on spell books. The same applies to Necromancy and Mysticism when writing those books.

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Tinkering is a must for all Crafting and any skill that requires a tool/kit to make something Scribe, Cook, Alchemy, 
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