The Toad Town Live Auction: Information & Item List - Week 2 *August 1, 2021 @ 6PM Eastern*

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to formally welcome you all to attend the Toad Town Live Auction on August 1, @ 6 PM eastern time. As of this post, item submissions for this week's auction are now closed. I am now taking item submissions for next week's auction dated for Sunday, August, 8 @ 6 PM Eastern. Toad Town is located outside the Luna North Gate. Explained below are some information details concerning the Toad Town Live Auction House. If there are any questions or concerns, please message me either on Stratics pm, discord or ICQ. Thank you!

How to Submit Items to the Toad Town Live Auction

Please put your item(s) in a single bag along with a book. List the Item in the book with its starting/reserve price. In the title of the book, please put your character's name. In the 'by' section, please put a prominent way to contact you. ie: ICQ, Stratics, Discord, or even a code. You can either submit the item(s) to me personally or drop them off in my mailbox on my porch. Item submissions are typically capped at 45-50 items.

NOTE (1): If submitting to me, please make sure it IS me first. I will always display my guild title (Toad).

NOTE (2): For a visual reference on how to submit an item to the auction house, please review the submission bag example located inside the auction house. 

Toad Town Rules & Information Guide

Please be sure to read the rules regarding the auction. With the cooperation from every individual, we can produce a better environment for everyone to enjoy. Information includes details on the commission fee of 5%, expectations, winning bids, the lottery, and banishments. Everyone is expected to read and adhere to such rules and expectations.

Item List Distribution Steward

An item list distribution steward will be available for everyone to get a copy of the item list for this week's auction. Simply be near the steward and say 'book' and one will be placed in your pack.

Lottery Game Information & Helpful Guide

Located in the right corner of the room is a guide that explains how the lottery system operates. The item for the lottery will be located on the table next to the lottery vendor. Purchase your tickets from the lottery vendor and at the conclusion of the auction, the winning number will be announced via a random number generator.

Audric the Drunk Mini-Game

Located at the bar will be Audric the Drunk. This is a mini-game that is both fun and useful for new players. Upon addressing Audric, you can be given a drink courtesy of the auction house bar, a joke from Audrics collection, seasonal greetings, or an item. Items have a lower value and are meant to help new players boost their character's advantages in-game of some kind.


Auction Item List

1) Double Exceptional Package
2) Virtue Shield
3) Legendary Armor & Jewels Package
4) A Whispering Rose From Nirvana
5) A Whispering Rose From Dragon Lord
6) Bugged Prepatched Crystal Shards Named "2"
7) Prepatched Legacy Nightmare
8) Grey Rubble Plant Package
9) Fur Boots 'crafted by The Remains of a Dead Rabbit'
10) Jester Hat 'crafted by The Princess of Jesters'
11) Jester Suit 'crafted The Princess of Jesters'
12) Leather Gloves 'crafted by Al'Cedra lal Draconais'
13) Arcane Legendary Gloves
14) Spell Channeling, No Penalty, 10 Mod Tier Kite Shield
15) Legendary Horned Leaf Gorget
16) A Wrist Watch
17) MsCraven Morhead Card & Jack O'Lantern
18) Mesanna Item Package
19) Cracked Lava Rock
20) A Box of Exceptional Quality
21) JAPAN's Bones
22) Globe of Sosaria
23) Sign of the Mad Scientist
24) The Void's Heritage
25) A Sasquatch Snowball Launcher
26) Ethereal Llama
27) Ethereal Cu Sidhe
28) Armor of Fortune (not cursed)
29) Non-Sosarian Vegetation Partially Digested By A Langolier Of The Putrifiers
30) Rubble Lot Package
31) Tokuno Pigments, Hair Dyes, & Other Assorted Dyes
32) Trinsic Sandstone Rubble Package
33) Assorted Rares & Semi Rares Package
34) Balakai's Shaman Staff
35) MOON
36) Roscoe The Rescued Rottweiler Pup
37) Yukiko's Toy Spider
38) I Saved The Beach Party And All I Got Was This Soggy Beach Towel
39) Lilavieve's Lucky Four Leaf Clover
40) An Ancient SOS (White) x30
41) Invasion Armor Package
42) Hue 1170 Cloth (x4), EM Taweret Sash, Hue 1170 Jin-Boari (cannot obtain this cloth hue)
43) Legendary & Refined Armor Pieces
44) Legendary Ring
45) Old Parrots (x2) 767 weeks & 685 weeks

Lottery: TBD


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