remove idocs from the game

short and sweet. idocs need to go. no more bye bye. and went a home falls make a stone for plot to be raffle off. one raffle ticket per acct. best thing for uo. the scripts and bs is so bad lol. one group of people rule them all. the changes u made are worth then old ways. not sure want u were thinking. end the madness.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 5,098
    you missed another placement huh.

    I think IDOCs are one of the few things left that bring a crowd of players together on a small shard.

    They all have a chance for goodies and can make some gold after.  

    Sorry your group of gargs dont get everything now. boohoo
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 453
    Think the practice of looting houses of abandoned, now mostly dead players, accounts has long been a tradition in this game.  Think original purpose of idocs was to encourage players to keep their accounts paid up. Think the method that employs the barrels is fair overall.   Ever know what you might get from an older account’s house.  Don’t really have an opinion on the plots.  If the same person gets all of them maybe things should change.

  • MargeMarge Posts: 508
    I agree with Pawain on this one.

    Since the change, I started doing IDOCs and am having fun. The barrels are much better than the old way. For once, IDOCGUY (ie OP) doesn't get it all in 5 seconds straight to his packies. If he hates them so much, he can stop going with all his multiple accounts to them and the rest of us can continue to have fun.
  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 335Moderator
    Thank you for the feedback and suggestion, steven. These have been mentioned before in numerous threads.
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