Lake Superior Down ?

Waiting.. 2 hours already


  • KraggKragg Posts: 9
    I was going to write the exact same thing.  You would think be another thread or notice on shard availability by this time
  • MarakMarak Posts: 1
    edited April 11
    Still down... (went down about 3 hours ago)... Finally got some time to play *sigh*
  • MsScarlettMsScarlett Posts: 11
    Chessy too.

  • ElessarElessar Posts: 23
    Bummer - woke up early and no UO to enjoy.  
  • FoosFoos Posts: 33
    Yeah bummer.  Wonder why there isn't any post about it.
  • ElessarElessar Posts: 23
    It's up.
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