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Ladies, Gents, and other creatures,

some time ago, shortly before I became your EM, there was a meeting in New Magincia's gardens, to discuss the possibility of a "Council of Siege". 
I tried to adapt the King's Council meetings to accommodate as many of the points that came up from those discussion as possible. Feel free to correct me, but I feel - at the time - that was a success.

However, in recent months, attendance at the council meetings has been low. 
This is a problem for three reasons.
  1. Sorry about this, but I have to say it. When anyone applies to become a governor, part of the condition of that role is that they will represent their town. It is a simple enough matter to do one of three things - attend the meeting yourself, find someone to represent you, or send me a message to be read out at the meeting. I understand that Siege is played by people from pretty much every time zone - it may be impossible for you to be there. But, if that's the case, please pick one of the two other options. We do only meet once a month for about 45 minutes.
  2. Council meetings are where things that affect the shard are supposed to be discussed. No, I can't get code changes made that will only affect Siege - especially not with most resources currently focused on the new shard development. I can and will put any requests forward - but I'm telling you right now, there's a 99% chance that the answer will be "no" for the moment. Anyway - there are things that I CAN get done. Town improvements, for instance. Extra (permanent) deco for your town. Maybe an extra NPC or two. But, if your town has no representative, you'll never get anything. 
  3. Events are supposed to be fun. If you're not attending, and are able to be in-game at that time, you obviously don't think that you'll have fun at the meeting. Talk to me. Talk to the council. Let's see what we can do about making the meetings fun. I can't have bosses dropping amazing loot at council meetings, but I'm open to suggestions!
Maybe there's something you'd like to see happen at a council meeting? Maybe you've got some great ideas that we haven't tried yet. If so, please let me know. 

Lets see if we can make a success of these meetings again. Let's make this fun, and let's hear your thoughts. Thanks.

EM Kincaid


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    Oh, and there are currently 3 towns without governors. If you'd like to give the job a go, and are able to make it to these meetings, come and put your case for why you should be governor before the council next month! Yew, Minoc and Jhelom all need governors!
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    If I were more active on Siege I would do what I could to assist in this, this forum has died a horrible death. I'm assuming everyone is in the public discord channel though, perhaps hold all future meetings there  :p
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    Unfortunately, I'm only allowed to comment on official channels - and discord isn't. Sorry. It's here or in-game!
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    I am terrible about checking forums, and did not see this thread until today.

    I posted a link to this thread on the Siege Discord. Maybe it will encourage some folks to give feedback on what they would like to see happen at the meetings. For myself, I just enjoy roleplaying and being part of a community.
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    It probably would not have declined so much if people could actually get the the meeting without getting killed 3 or 4 times before giving up. 
    Then there are the ones who actually managed to get into the meeting and were killed there, including the Governors.
  • attendance was lacking even before anyone was ever killed during those meetings, just saying...
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    Nobody has died in the actual meeting for the better part of a year. Perhaps more would attend if they felt there was more of an element of danger? But, truthfully, If you die on the way to the meeting...well, you could die on the way to the shops just as easily. There has been a teleporter to the roof of the council chambers for over a year, in addition to the gates, there's nothing stopping you from gating to town, and stealthing to the council chambers. I couild go on, but you get the point... not to mention - you're complaining about dying on Siege??? Um. Ok. Right. Uh, huh. 

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    Anyway... if you ARE dying a lot on the way to the meetings, there's a teleporter at the EM hall. It takes you to the roof, and from there, it's a pretty quick trip down to the meeting room.
    Once inside, ALL governors who attend get friended to the house sooner or later, so ALL governors who are present for ... let's say 2 or 3 meetings, end up with the ability to kick murderers out, and even ban them. That's been in place since about month 3 of running these meetings.

    If you die outside the building, either before the meeting or after the meeting - all I can say is, it's Siege. Adapt or die. "Adapt" means:
    1. Learn to fight. Easier said than done, especially when you have 15 reds chasing you. 
    2. Learn to stealth. 80% of the players I see on Siege are stealthing. Yes, I can see stealthers. I know you're there!
    3. Travel light. You should never need to come to a governor's meeting in your Sunday best. Come in a couple of CBD'd bits of cloth. If you DO die, there are plenty of people who can rez you, the king included. 

    There are often mobs outside the building. Some spawn naturally, some get a helping hand to add atmosphere to the meeting. e.g. if we're discussing savage attacks, expect to see a couple of low-powered savages hopping up and down outside. There may occasionally be some higher-end mobs, but they can't get into the meeting room, and if they did, the governors can boot them straight back out again.

    Now, back to where we were.... suggestions. Please. What would make you want to attend? What would you like to hear about? What would you like to see? Would a mini event at the end of the meeting liven things up for you? 

    Thanks, in anticipation.

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    hi, what time is the meetings?   I have a problem called work in real that has a pesky way of getting in my way of UO.  I would but work is important.  Just wondering what time. and how many are there if a person did take a town as a gov,  like just go to 1 meeting a month or ...?

    thank you

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    All EM events are always at 3pm Eastern Time on Saturday.

    Gov meetings are once a month. The next one is tomorrow, the 3rd, a couple hours after the Gil auction starts. If you do become a governor, you do not actually have to attend. Everyone has a real world out there. If you cannot come, then you can appoint some one to speak for your city, or just write a lil report in a book and drop it in the EM's mailbox.
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    Report the imaginary goings on of your city (role play). Report how much coin is in the city's treasury. Report which trade deal your city is running. Report on any events you might intend to hold, such as the Artisan Festival. Report any questions you or your citizens might have for your city, such as requesting a trash barrel or a special NPC, etc.

    The governor meetings are primarily a role play EM event. However, this is also the time when you can ask the EM questions and make suggestions.
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    Also... for the record...

    One of the reasons I play and enjoy Siege Perilous is because it's not very predictable. When I go to a governor meeting on Siege, I have no idea what awaits on the other side of the moongate. Will there be a Crimson Dragon (or five) rampaging across Serpent's Hold leaving a trail of corpses? Will there be a band of marauders and murderers besieging the good citizens of Sosaria? Will there be a pickpocket lurking in the shadows? Will there be some clever or amusing roleplaying story to hear? Will there be an assassination attempt against one of the governors or attendees?

    I miss Otto's random bursts of song and poetry, the ongoing saga of Moonglow's Mongbats, Trinsic's structural issues, Britain's quarrelsome shopkeepers, etc etc.
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    I'll have to pass, role play is something i never really did much of, tiny bits once in a while, but not for a long period of time like a whole meeting, guess you have to say when you go out of role play and then back in stuff like that.  
      Would have taken a town, but can't make meetings.

    Thanks for all the information  :)     good luck
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    Just a little note: Events are always at 5PM EST  :p
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    Oops, my bad - 5pm et lol. I was thinking about the gil auction at the time :P 
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    Glad to see there's an interest - thank you folks. But, the BIG question remains unanswered, so let me ask it another way:

    Those of you who go "Governor's meeting? Ewwww! Maybe when my dragon starts breathing snowballs!" - what would change that viewpoint?

    Or, put it this way, perhaps: If YOU were arranging a meeting of Siege's governors - and, let's not forget, representatives of player-run towns - what would you add to it, that would keep you coming back for more? 

    There will always be a lot of roleplay. It IS a meeting of the people who are supposedly responsible for running the towns. BUT, it doesn't have to JUST be sitting around discussing how many littering fines the town guard in Cove handed out this week. 

    Then, there are player-run events. I am happy to facilitate town-specific events, within reason. I'm happy to spend time with you discussing what could be done for your town. Governors can also request extra deco for their towns, twice per term of office. Nobody asked for anything last year, and so far, this year's the same. 

    I can't make code changes. I can't give the governors new abilities. But, if you want, let's see what we CAN do. 

    I'm not asking this because I love holding meetings. In real life, I am SO Zoomed out after the last year, I start to twitch when anyone says "meeting". I'm doing this in the hope of adding some more fun to your game time on Siege. I genuinely want to hear your ideas.

    Governor's meeting tonight at 5pm EST. There's a "safe" teleporter at the EM Hall, the one that goes to the roof, and there will be less safe moongates at major banks and teleport hubs. Or you could gate to Serp's Hold and stealth to the council chambers. 

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