Most random bug i have ever reported

YoshiYoshi Posts: 733
"turning into a blue spider that walks sideways with a human head.
repro: polymorphing into a human male/female, while wearing a pendant of khal ankur (must be gargoyle)"

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  • CookieCookie Posts: 910
    edited March 22

    You need to video that one :)

    It would be good except for the human head !

  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,962
    Dang,  wish I had the Grg Pendant!
  • King_GregKing_Greg Posts: 225
    I hope they make it a feature. Definitely in my top 10 
  • MargeMarge Posts: 503
    edited March 23
    I just tried - that has to be left in! Only difference, my spider was black.

    Edit to Add - can only be seen in CC. A guildie in EC couldn't see the spider til she logged in with CC.
  • MiskMisk Posts: 61Dev
    I have confirmed and submitted a problem report into the system.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Make this an easter egg if it does not matter.
  • CookieCookie Posts: 910

    It's a proper Bug :)

  • MargeMarge Posts: 503
    Color of the pendant determines spider color. I dyed my with poppie white natural dye and I have a pink spider now.

    Can I vote again to leave this in?
  • PawainPawain Posts: 4,962
    edited March 25
    I want one!  I sold all my Garg ones after Khaldun.

    I borrowed one. Plain necklace makes a normal color spider.  When you take off necklace you show as a naked human.  When you put another necklace on it shows as a sideways chest piece.
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 197
    the worst is im sure they will fix this bug before other gamechanging bugs.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 501
    Although I can’t experience this bug, I love it and hope it stays lol
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