TC1 has the latest publish - Go test!! Report back here

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Latest publish is now on TC1! @Kyronix is also there doing some Q&A right now! It was kind of like Xmas when I logged into the shard, so exciting!

The "pet castles" are in home stables with 30 charges... that was a bit surprising to me (I thought it was just a mini house dded type thing).

Bane type ostard has been introduced! Exciting but it's 4 slot and should be 3 (maybe less strength).

New Pirate shield reward is dope! SC (No neg) with FC1 / 15 DCI AND 10 SDI! Sweeeeet!


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    more importantly the recipe that lets you create them then use the new potion on !
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    I am much intrigued by the Black Market "Hook's treasure Map" (cost 150,000 doubloons) which, by the way, is missing from the Black Market New Rewards List in the Full 110 Publish Notes at .

    I wonder what it will take to get the Reputation as a famed Artifact Hunter so as to be able to Decipher it....

    The Treasure to be found will better be a good one, considered how expensive this Map is to get from the Black Market.... the Gump does say that the Map likely leads to a great Treasure.... but who knows....

    But if this is new and cool content for Rogues and Treasure Hunters, I am all for it !!
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    Hooks Treasure Map sounds like a lore page. Similar to the Rolled Invasion Map from Deceit.

    I'll be happy to be wrong.
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    That's what I was going to say. It's pretty cool, and I would love to be a famed artifact hunter! But it could be just that...which is still nice.

    Has anyone got soulstones to test the vessel? I am curious about that.

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    Palm trees are pretty - but they stick thru the floor :\

    Edited to add - the garg totem animation peeks thru just a bit also
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    Please change the ostard to a 3 slot. We have so many "could have been" pets that are not used because they are 4 slot. Please please please do not waste the time spent making the ostard (even if it was essentially a re-skin) by having it as a 4 slot.

    If the intent is to create an alternate to the Bane Dragon (which I fully support even though I own several fully scrolled ones), then please give players a chance to make a similar finished pet. At 4 slots the ostard will be a joke compared to a Bane. Pack instincts? Worthless if the intent is to provide a Bane alternate.

    For a player to take the ostard, fix its resists, max strength at 700, provide 120 scrolls and give it AI / Chiv / etc, IT MUST HAVE AT LEAST TWO LEVELS TO TRAIN WITH.

    I am begging you, please please listen, if you truly want folks to use the ostard and be happy with it, make it a 3 slot.

    Please Kyronix. Please.
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    Aggregate all feedback in the threads stickied over on the Test Center forum, happy testing!
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