North Harbor Halloween Deco Contest

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North Harbor is offering a reward for your most gruesome.. your most terrifying.. you scariest.. houses! 

Halloween house deco contest! I wanna see some murder shacks, I wanna see some spiders dens, I wanna see something that scares me. 

Rules are simple;
. Scary
. Bloody
. Halloween themed

Show us what you got.
Prizes will be as follows: 
1st: 1 plat.
2nd: 500m
3rd: 250m

Gold delivered on ANY SHARD!!

Houses will be judged as submitted through 10/20-11/9. We will announce the winner at the 11/9 Acropolis Auction which will take place as normal @ 7pm est.

How do you win?
Submit your entires through the uostratics threat under uhall 
You can also submit them through this thread as attachments. 

Any questions:
-you can visit North Harbor and talk to me or Dryzzid. 
- icq @668993460
- discord Kuru #8370

We look forward to the terrifying entires to come!!!!


  • DryzzidDryzzid Posts: 80
    edited October 2020
    I can also be reached at ICQ 74503058 or Discord Dryzzid#5091 to answer any questions. I am usually (but not always) at the Acropolis auctions on Mondays in North Harbor.

    The cooresponding Stratics post can be found here:

    Please post submissions either in this thread or in that thread to have your home considered for the contest.

    We are doing straight gold prizes this time around, deliverable on any shard except Siege or Mugen. I will also toss in a few items for each winner, to be determined by what I can find between now and when the winners are announced.
    Mayor of North Harbor Township, Atlantic Shard
    74503058 | Dryzzid#5091
  • IviannaIvianna Posts: 28
    Nice and I hope you have a good turn out on entries.  I passed along your message to some people, who I think should enter.
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