Poll: Should items be shard-bound?

Wanting to see what consensus there is on this, if any.


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    @ivan this post has already been made
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    ivan said:
    Wanting to see what consensus there is on this, if any.
    @ivan I voted no. But if anything is to be shard bound then em drops are what should be shard bound first before anything else. If you look at the other post the trend is people want shard bound em drops. but treasures and scrolls more people still want them not to be bound. Take a look in the other post and vote and post your opinion.
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    @RockStaR I agree that all EM Items should be shard bound but if they are not then the item should have the name of the shard on them so when we see them we will know where they come from.
  • EM items and powerscrolls should
    Armor should not.

    So yes and no.
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    23 years whitout shard bound items and the game is still alive...why starting now?
  • For the reason that many home shard players were being cut out of the EM event items and 99% of them were sent to Atlantic to be sold to the collectors for major gold or plat.   To my way of thinking this shard bound gives the home shard some of its "items"  Though it dont drop the price most times.   Yes to those of you who covet all things EM this puts a hitch in your play think of it as a payment for invading and walking off with the rest of the items dropped.
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    @RockStaR thanks for the heads up.

    sorry to post a repeat. i will close this now.

    for the record it was 6 yes/6 no when i closed it (in case that is not saved when I delete the poll).

    a bit reactionary on my part, kind of surprised by the switchover is all.

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    I want to focus on the new artifacts, Morphius and Lether Epaulettes, that are introduced into the game for the first time.

    1) They are wearable artifacts, with stats that can potentially replace the popular warrior gear, such as Insane Tinker Leggings, or those 20m jewels.

    2) It is the first time the Morphius and Lether Epaulettes are introduced into the game.

    Today I finally received my first Morphius Epaulette, but I feel a strong lack of "satisfaction" unlike previous events for Katakotl, Khaldun, etc. If I missed those events - fine, then the "replica" in this event can be made "shard bound". I know some may not like this but lets focus on the new items first.

    Its like Lieutenant Sash where original has no durability limitations, but the "Replica" version has 150/150.

    But shard bound is worse.

    I hope the Dev are aware that many of us returned to the game and relied on purchasing items at Atlantic to gear up and stay in the game. Without Atlantic, I myself could have closed my account sooner around 2015? because I lost everything when my Origin Castle fell.

    @Kyronix - not expecting a reply but I hope you can consider just these new artifacts.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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    Wasn't there a poll in the original post? Did it get removed?
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    TimSt said:
    Wasn't there a poll in the original post? Did it get removed?
    There is another from @RockStaR but its related to EM drops. 


    My opinion above is directed at new artifacts, which are introduced first time into the game. 
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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