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A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.


  • OutcastOutcast Posts: 7
    ABC Archer/Thrower

    Weapon 120
    Tactics 100
    Bushido 80
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 90
    Chivalry 95

    This is 585 Skill Points. Rest is up to you. You can skill up these higher or take some other skills. Up to you and you'll see a lot of different variations suggested by different people. Stat-wise its the same, you'll get many suggestions, but I prefer 125/125/10. You'll run out of mana mashing special moves for sure but you'll eventually get mana leech on your gear and when you hit over 200 then 300 total combat related skill points your weapons special moves will be discounted by 5 then 10 mana which should also help you out.For race I personally play a human but some prefer an elf for an innate +20 Mana and elf gear. Weapon throwing build is identical but less popular due to the throw range mechanic.
  • RockRock Posts: 567
    @Outcast, interesting base for a warrior template.  I understand it all except the odd choice of Chivalry at 95.  So close to GM ...  Maybe that is where Enemy of One gains 100% chance of success?

    Here is how I would use the remaining teamplate points:

    The OCD in me needs to balance out that Bushido with Parry. I'd also bring them both to at least 100 and maybe 110.  Getting hit less often is good, right?  Since 3 of the 6 Bushido abilities are based off of Parry.  One of those is Confidence, which might be partially active with no Parry, though.

    My OCD would also match the 100 Anatomy with 100 Healing. Now your heals and cures are stronger, Parry has reduced % of times you get hit, and the Bushido move Confidence can provide small but ongoing buffs to health and stamina.  With these benefits one might decide to either reduce Chivalry to 55 to keep Sacred Journey. That will reduce the reliability and even functionality of the other Chivalry spells, but perhaps jewelry could buff it back to 85 or so.  Or even, if you find limited mana to be a problem, eliminate the mana load of Chivalry altogether, and take some Focus instead.  You'll have to use runebook charges to get around, but that is manageable.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • OutcastOutcast Posts: 7
    @Rock You're ranged, you don't need parry. It's for lightning strike. 90 Heal with Anat Is just the minimum for rez, I'd 100 it too, but some others will shave the points off for something else.

    About the skill jewels that's definitely an option, but there is quite a few ways to gear with that. For example I've seen people run low tactics and use +skill to fill it up instead.
  • RockRock Posts: 567
    @Outcast, ack!  The way the first line is indented in our posts, I missed that the template was for a ranged fighter.  Sorry. Your non-maxed Bushido also allows foe honoring and subsequent perfection. If brought up 10 more, to 90, a Samurai can tame, control and ride a Lesser Hiryu.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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