Necro Mage Combos

What are some good combos I should be casting as a necro mage while doing champ spawns?

So I just got my necro mage in decent shape. Really digging the feel of it. It’s a blast walking around with two zombie dragons and poisoning and withering stuff. I just seem to run out of steam as the soawn upgrades. 

I was doing spider spawn at humility last night and absolutely crushed the first two tiers. Once tier three popped things took a turn. My dragons were getting crushed. They died and I went and got two more...then those died. After that I started using EV’s and some lowly raised dead along with poison and some casting but it was super slow going. Eventually I gave up and grabbed my tamer and trusty beetle and called in my guild to help finish it off. 

I feel like I could be doing something more once I get to advanced levels of spawns, but just looking for advice on how to make it through tiers 3 and 4 of a spawn with a necro nox mage. Not so much template advice, but spells I should casting and tactics I should use? 


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    I have a Necro mage too but not the least idea how to play him.  Necro seem to be designed more for a fighter than a mage.  I use Lich and wraith forms when casting spells, and use corpse skin Skin with flame strike.  But beyond that really don’t know how to use the two skills together.  Really would like to know if having negative karma provides me with a real advantage.  I know which spells it affects. I just don’t know if having it makes that much of a difference.  Would rather be called a lord than sinister but could live with that if negative karma really makes a difference.  Have done a fair amount of research.  There is lots of information on how to build a Necro mage but not much on how to play him.  He has 110 magery and eval. intel and 100 in all other skills.  Do not anticipate taking Magery to 120 he does not have nearly enough gold for that. Thanks

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    When you say you have a necro mage, could really do with more information. Do you have wrestling or are you bound to a mage weapon?

    What you need to remember is that slayers do not work for necromancy spells, however sdi does. So i would recommend fitting wrestling or anatomy on the template so you can hold a spellbook, then you can don the 50 sdi spellbook. And just wither the first two levels, then use the invasion spellbook slayers for the higher levels, and cast either meteor swarm, or chain lightning. You'll need to put protection on. Heal using spirit speak.

    Target the casters first, so in an undead spawn, just worry about meteor swarming the liches, on a spider spawn, just chain lightning the dread spiders.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    In pvm the key to success is really to have all the info about what you are fighting and bring the tools to make you succeed - goes for any template. Meryvn pretty much nailed it. has great resources for checking out the lowest resistances of most creatures.

    The boss itself I would imagine to be a nightmare for a necromage to solo alone due to the special ability it has to yank you and switch targets.

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