UWSP and New/Returning/EJ Players

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Howdy Siege ! I'm writing this message because i want all people will know about our new project .
As you know in UWSP guild we like help player and already some months ago we started to work on a project to help new/returning/EJ players with public houses where they can train their crafting skills, melee skills and many of other skills... So now that EJ is on, it's the time to let start this project.
I want be honest since begin: we are not trying to recruit all players... It's just an help for their first month here without a New Guild ... At the end of the month they will be free to do what they want  
So from today we'll recruit new/returning/EJ players adding to their char a title :

Date of their joining in guild.

They will be obliged to show the title and guild tag, so all people will know they are new/returning/EJ players and at the end of the month they will be free to join other guilds or stay with UWSP if they like that ...
I'm not asking to don't kill them... Just if you see a UWSP with that title, maybe try to be a little kind with them D:)
I know it's a big risk and dangerous because with EJ we don't know who are those new players,but i want give a chance to this project because i think, it will be a waste leave new players alone. If, with players with that date on title, you'll see them doing something wrong just warn me and i'll take action (but at least send me pics as proof about their bad action). They will be not allowed to macro unattended, harass or insult people, killing or steal from other players.
I hope all will accept this project as a way to improve our game and comunity :smile:


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