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Still learning all the new stuff since coming back to UO but I do like to participate in events so I was looking for advice on a template/setup specifically for events on shards other than my own (Atlantic). What I would like to do is create a character, gear him up, & then transfer that character to another shard so that I would eventually have 1 character on each shard to participate in events. I'm looking for a template that is fairly easy to train, able to reasonably gear up, and something that would not have to rely too heavily on resources or materials such as potions/bandages/regs. Being able to defend myself in small scale PvP (for those fel events) would be nice too but not required. There are a few templates I'm thinking about right now which are a basic archer, an SDI mage or a thrower but I'm open to other templates.

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    Events I have participated in on Pacific and Origin have been very heavily attended by tamers and mystics. Players seem to enjoy letting their pets do all the work these days.

    An archer might perform well since it has range, but good armor pieces with +Stamina/Dex can be hard to find since Sampires use similar gear. 

    If you are open to a mage I would suggest trying out Mysticism(+Focus or Imbuing) in addition to Magery. LRC/LMC suits +SDI are not hard to build and Rising Colosus is probably the strongest summon if you do not count the Spellweaving Mastery ability. Imbuing if you consider putting down roots on a new Shard, Focus if you want extra mana regen.
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    Wraith form throwers is the most popular, no need to worry about arrows.  Constant leeching and AI spam.
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    Wraith form throwers is the most popular, no need to worry about arrows.  Constant leeching and AI spam.
    Last event on  my shard, i saw a train of like 20 throwers annihilating everything. I feel like he was a multi-boxer.
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